2022: The Year of the Tiger

2022: The Year of the Tiger

Happy Lunar New Year!  It’s the year of the Tiger! 

You are the year of the Tiger if you were born in: 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010, and 2022.

People born in a year of the Tiger are predicted to be brave, competitive, unpredictable, and confident.

What is Lunar New Year? 

Lunar New Year is a holiday celebrated in Asian cultures and represents the start of the Spring season. Spring represents rebirth, renewal, growth and all the hopeful new beginnings that are in store for you. 

Why Lunar New Year is Important to Us

House of Lashes is not only female founded, but Asian founded as well. Our CEO and founder, Jenn, is of Vietnamese descent and celebrates the holiday every year. 

Traditions, time spent with family and gathering together over delicious food, make this celebration very special for her. Jenn celebrates the beauty in diversity and empowering all ethnicities, eye shapes, genders, and lifestyles to feel confident in our most authentic selves. 

Celebrating our culture and educating others can empower and uplift our community in profound ways.  

Lunar New Year is a celebration, but also a time to reflect on the year that has passed. 

What do you wish to carry with you into the future? What are you leaving behind? 

We choose to carry the things that serve our happiness and prosperity and leave behind what no longer serves us. It’s a beautiful time to celebrate how far you have come and the new direction you are heading.  

Traditions are crucial in keeping cultures alive and rich. Here are some things that are practiced during Lunar New year. 

  1. Cleaning the House - This symbolizes sweeping away bad luck and preparing for new blessings to come. 
  2. Decorating with the Color Red - Red symbolizes prosperity and energy and is believed to ward off evil spirits and negativity. 
  3. Reunion Dinner - A family dinner that consists of many generations spending quality time together over a warm meal. 
  4. Exchanging Red Envelopes - Small red envelopes filled with money are gifted to children that symbolizes wishes of a safe and wishful year. 

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We hope you enjoy your Lunar New Year festivities, or if you don’t observe the holiday, we hope you learned something new! 

With Love and Light, 
House of Lashes