4 Simple Steps to Get Featured on IG

4 Simple Steps to Get Featured on IG

Want to be featured on IG? 

Here are some things that we look for when scrolling the gram... 

1) Tag us! 

Hey, it seems basic, but you would  be surprised…. We scroll through our tagged photos all day everyday looking for new talent. 

Dare we even mention the ever frustrating algorithm?! 

Your best bet to ensure you are getting seen is to tag us! 

Also, bonus points if you add what lash style you are wearing ;) 

Use hashtags #houseoflashes and #lashlikeapro

2) Quality over quantity 

We truly value high quality work. This means that the picture or video you take is clear and the lashes are in focus. 

A clean, crisp photo / video of the lashes makes our hearts so very happy. 

3) Passion 

Worried about your follower count? 

Don’t be! We don’t judge you based on numbers. We judge based on the passion we see and energetic-feel we get from your instagram page. 

We want to see that you are actively posting and interacting with your followers and sharing what you love most. 

4) Be YOU 

What makes you different? 

We love to see innovative creatives that bring something new to the table. Show us something that we haven’t seen before! 

The beauty industry can be a bit saturated with the same makeup trends and looks. We want to see something that instantly catches our attention! 


We cannot wait to see you on the gram! 


House of Lashes