5 Simple Work from Home Productivity Tips

5 Simple Work from Home Productivity Tips

5 Tips to Help You Stay Productive While Working from Home!


Although our 9 to 5's have now shifted to the familiar spaces of our homes, this WFH (work from home) situation can definitely feel unfamiliar and even a little stressful. Creating some kind of routine has helped us navigate through this uncharted territory. 

Here are 5 ways to help you find a groove!

  1. Keep a schedule

Set your alarm and wake up as if you were commuting to work. While working from home, the days can start to blend together...so do your best to keep your normal work-week sleeping schedule! This will help prevent your body from feeling like it's the weekend! 

  1. Take breaks

Make sure you are getting up from your work station every hour. Little things like walking to the conference room, walking to different meetings, running errands on your lunch hour are no longer happening. They seem like small movements, but add those all up in a day and you are moving a fair amount.  Make yourself tea and walk around your house so you aren’t glued to your computer screen all day without even realizing it. 

  1. No Pj's

Change out of the clothes you sleep in from what you wear during the day. Hey no judgment here, this is just our suggestion ;) This will help you from feeling too cozy while you are at home. While we fully support you being as comfortable as possible, it’s also important to wear clothing that you ALSO feel productive in. If dressing like you are going into the office helps you get going, do that. If it’s a big sweatshirt and leggings kind of day, more power to you! While you are social distancing yourself, wear articles of clothing that make you happy! 

  1. Play upbeat music

Things can be a bit quiet now that you don't have your co-workers around. Playing some music in the background helps lift our mood and gets our creative juices flowing. If the lyrics of the songs distract you, try an instrumental playlist.  

  1. End the day, EOD!

It can be hard to differentiate WORK from HOME when you are doing both simultaneously. For your own well being, sign off when you have finished your projects for the day and start fresh tomorrow! There will always be one more thing you can work on, but that will slowly turn into 10 more things. It’s a balancing act between work and home life on a regular basis so WFH will really put you to the test. Know what tasks hold higher priority and work on those first to meet pressing deadlines. 

We hope our 5 tips help you stay motivated and focused while working from home!