5 Ways to Refresh Your Look for Spring

5 Ways to Refresh Your Look for Spring

Our HOLxPatrickTa Collection is now available on H&M beauty online in Italy! 

Due to an alarming demand, we had to expand....internationally! 

We are so excited that our customers from all over the world get to experience our first collaboration collection. 

Why This Collection is a Must-Have 

Spring is here and we want to feel light, airy and fresh like the season. Refreshing your look doesn't mean going to the extremes, it’s all about trying something new that you normally wouldn’t on a regular basis. 

Here are 5 easy ways to perk up your lash look using our #HOLxPatrickTa Collection... 

Less is More 

Great for: Lash beginners or busy moms 

Eye shape: Prominent, Almond 

We love the idea of enhancing what you already have and appreciating your natural beauty. Our makeup routines drastically changed in the last year due to the pandemic and it’s given us a new perspective on how we show up for the world. 

Try our HOLxPatrickTa Individuals, She Doesn’t Need Much, for a touch of lash. These little clusters allow you the freedom to build up your desired volume OR  just a few on your lash line to feel instantly pulled together. 

Sometimes a full strip lash can feel like a lot of work - avoid the extra work with this quick and easy lash hack! 

Image from @jentioseco

Instant Wing 

Great for: Curious lash learners 

Eye shape: Downturned, 

Nothing like a great cat eye to bring the glamour. But let’s be real... the perfect wing liner takes time and a lot of practice. PLUS, the temperature outside is heating up and we don’t want to wear a ton of makeup either, so we have the perfect solution. 

Try a flared shape lash to give you the ILLUSION of a wing. I Mean... will lift and elongate your outer corners creating a sultry pull without all the extra products. 

Image from @jasmineabergil

Eyes that Bloom 

Great for: Makeup enthusiasts 

Eye shape: Monolid 

Open those eyes like the beautiful blooms of the season! 

It’s an Afterparty is your solution to bring life back to your eyes and create a bright, rounded effect. The length of the lash pairs best with a one-color eyeshadow wash all over the lid. These lashes demand a lot of attention, so it’s best to keep the rest of the look as simple as possible. 


Lash Lift 

Great for: Mature ages, sensitive to falsies 

Eye shape: Deep set 

She’s a Natural is everyone’s little secret. It’s a subtle lash to most, but if you are on the fence about lashes or haven’t had the best experience with the comfort of your lashes, this style can be a game changer for you. They look like perfectly lifted lashes that you get professionally done at the salon. Or think of perfectly mascaraed lashes that you only see in magazines. 

Image from @chloemorello

Approachable Definition  

Great for: Career focused, camera ready 

Eye shape: Hooded 

‘No makeup makeup’ is our 2021 makeup vibe. Adding contour to strategic parts of the face can make a bigger impact than what we used to know and believed. Think of a perfectly snatched, contoured face, but for your eyes! 

It’s a Look will give your eyes that added definition that is wearable on a daily basis or for special events! 

Image from @linamourey 

Want to try it all? 

Check out our Poosh Approved, #HOLxPatrickTa gift set: She wants it All 

The perfect gift to give OR receive - enjoy!