6 Helpful Tips to Avoid These Common False Eyelash Mistakes

6 Helpful Tips to Avoid These Common False Eyelash Mistakes

We all make mistakes...after all, nobody’s perfect! But, when it comes to our lashes, we want to make sure they occur few and far between. 

To help you along your lash journey, we’ve laid out some helpful tips that everyone should know to help improve their overall experience when it comes to all things lashes! 

Tip #1: Remove your lashes from the tray with caution 

When removing your lashes, being gentle is key. The fibers are delicate and if you are too aggressive, you run the risk of damaging them. 

Using your thumb, pull the lashes from the lash band in a downward direction away from the lash tray. Although our lash bands are durable, they are also delicate, so handle them with a gentle touch. 

Also, be sure to not pull the lashes off by the bottom fibers of the lash. Doing this will cause the fiber to completely detach from the band, or worse cause the lash to rip in half. This is why it is so important for you to start at one end and inch your way until it's fully removed. 

Tip #2: Don’t glue your falsies together

False lashes are meant to adhere as close to your lash line as possible, but not on your actual hair. If you glue them to your real lashes, you will more than likely rip a few out...and nobody wants that! Not to mention it will be extremely difficult to remove the glue later. 

Instead of looking straight ahead into a mirror, we suggest looking down to ensure you properly place your lashes. Looking down into a hand held mirror allows you to see how the lash strip aligns with your lash line so you can place them as close as possible.

Tip #3: Be careful when applying the lash glue 

Our glue is extremely strong so there is no need to over do it. 

Most people think adding more glue will ensure your lashes will not budge throughout the day. In actuality, it gives them more of a chance to fall off because you are creating a thicker barrier of glue between the lashes and your skin. 

Instead, your goal should be to apply a thin layer of glue onto the lash band and gently press it to your eyelid so your skin is in contact with the lash strip creating a stronger bond. 

Tip #4: Remove that annoying glue residue

It’s been days since you wore falsies and you’re still finding glue pieces in your real lashes and lash line! This is very common, so don’t panic, you’re not alone. You’ll just need an oil based makeup remover and q tip to help you out. 

Saturate the q-tip with makeup remover and run it along the base of your eyelid, while also coating the tops of your lashes (this will loosen and break down the glue particles even more). 

Then, take a clean spooly brush and comb through your lashes as if you were applying mascara. The leftover glue should start falling right off, but you might need to repeat these steps a few times if you have a lot of build up. 

Tip #5: Patience is a virtue 

For best application, wait about 60 seconds after you apply the glue to place them on your eyelid. This allows time for the glue to become tacky allowing the lashes to stick really well. 

Once the glue is almost clear, it’s time to apply your lashes! 

Note: If you try to apply the glue immediately after putting it on the lash band, they will end up just sliding around because it’s too wet. The lashes need grip in order to stay in place all day. 

Tip #6: Reuse your lashes

Yes, our lashes are reusable! If you keep them in good condition you can wear them up to 15 (sometimes more) times! 

Keep your lashes in a safe place and wear them for any and every occasion. 

Oftentimes, our first time customers think they should throw them out after one wear - don’t do that! We create our lashes with the best quality to ensure multiple wears so you get the most out of your favorite styles. 

We hope these tips help you #lashlikeapro! 

If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to one of our lash specialists! Email us at info@houseoflashes.com and our team will be happy to share more tips with you!