A Week in the Life of Our Brand Marketing Lead

A Week in the Life of Our Brand Marketing Lead

At House of Lashes, it’s our job to test and create the most comfortable, high quality, and long lasting lashes. But most importantly, our goal is to create lashes that make you feel like the most confident version of yourself!  

As the Brand Marketing Lead, I want to give you a behind-the-scenes look at which lashes I can’t get enough of right now and how they make me feel empowered throughout my day!

A Week in the Life...

Although wearing a mask is still an everyday requirement, the one thing that I can fully take advantage of are my eyes. 

Coming out of the pandemic, I think what we all want, (especially me) is to be comfortable, yet look fabulous. And with our newest and most eco-conscious collection to date, The Secret Collection, I’m able to accomplish exactly that!

These lashes were made to feel and look like your own, but also to carry little tokens of positive affirmations throughout your day with their meaningful names.

Keep on reading to discover which lashes I wear throughout the week... 

Love and Light 

My everything lash that I can always count on! 

Love & Light are for the days I just want a subtle enhancement. I can wear these lashes for work and even when I go out to dinner. I recently even wore these with a smokey eye and it still added a va va voom effect to my look. 

These are not your regular uber natural lashes, they are so much more! They are a little dense and flared, and just add an overall natural boost. Oh and they are also incredibly comfortable - you can tell they are made for all day wear. 


Aaaa, Blessings, the beautiful subtle rounded lash that looks good on every eye. 

I love wearing this lash when I want to look doe eyed and more “awake”. Sometimes my nights are late, and when the concealer isn’t enough, I put these on to look like I got the full 8 hours - works every time! 

Good Karma 

Good Karma is what fluffy lash dreams are made of! 

I especially love these because they are not too long, which makes them more wearable. These are great for a day to night transition when you just want some density and not too much length. 

I wore these for work since I was meeting up with some friends right after, and it did not feel like too much. I felt comfortable wearing these all day, and everyone commented on how natural they looked! 


My favorite dramatic style of all time! I am not gonna lie, these lashes may look intimidating on the tray, but on the eye they are life changing! 

This is my lash for when I am going out, and even for all my upcoming Halloween festivities since I want my eyes to be the focal point. They really open the eye and are perfect for your sultry looks. 

But honestly, if you need a quick glam, just pop these on with some lip gloss, and you are ready to go. I literally feel limitless in these lashes! 

If you’re new to lashes and need a little help figuring out which one is right for you, you can now speak with one of our Lash Experts via our new Live Consultations Program. They will guide you to the best lash style for your eye shape and answer all your lash questions from how to apply, care, and which occasions to wear your new lashes. 

Remember, the secret to living your best life already exists within you, sometimes you just need that extra boost to bring out your shine - and lashes definitely help!