Makeup Tips For The Big Day From An Expert Wedding MUA

Makeup Tips For The Big Day From An Expert Wedding MUA

You got the dress, the shoes, the jewelry now it’s time to think about the makeup! The makeup you wear on your wedding day is just as personal as the dress you wear. Every decision made leading up to this day is very intentional, so why should your makeup choices be any different?! We sat down with renowned wedding MUA, Lucky of @makeupbylucky as she shares some of her ‘day of’ must haves. 


Q: How long have you been doing bridal makeup and what do you like most about it? 

L: I have been doing bridal makeup for 11 years now.  I love getting the opportunity to be a small part of a bride's big day.  Usually, hair and makeup artists are the last interaction a bride would have before preparing to walk down the aisle.  We really help set the tone and energy for our brides during that time and I find that so humbling.

Q: What is your best-kept lash hack?

L: One of my best-kept lash secrets is to give strip lashes a soft curl with a lash curler, before applying.  Sometimes, it helps give lashes that extra oomph to have them pop.

Q: Top 3 things brides should know/ prep for before the wedding? 

L:  First: Start skin prep months before your wedding date to really get your skin in its optimal shape.  It really helps makeup apply on smoother and last longer.  This may include, but not limited to: monthly facials, adopting a solid skin care regimen, and staying hydrated!

Second: Start collecting photos of makeup and hairstyles you like for your wedding day. Visuals greatly help your artist understand what you want and the vision you have.  Remember, everyone's definition of 'natural' and a 'smokey eye' can be very different.

Third: Make sure you schedule a trial day for both your hair and makeup.  You want to ensure your artists can create the look you want and also help you confirm that you really do want that look. This also helps you make sure your desired hair and/or makeup look is cohesive with each other.

Q: What is the most requested look your brides want for their big day? 

L: I would say that I specialize in the "soft glam" bridal look and that is what most of my brides book me for.  I love to create luminous, glowing skin while also bringing focus to clients' eyes with complimenting eye makeup paired with a great lash.

Q: What beauty trend do you foresee becoming more popular this year and next? 

L: A beauty trend that has started and I believe is only becoming more popular is minimal makeup with fresh, natural-looking skin and a sheer or bold pop of color either on the lips or eyes.  I love how this trend enhances what we naturally have!

Q: One piece of advice you would give brides before the big day?

L: If I can give one piece of advice to brides, it would be to allow yourself to be in the moment on your big day.  Everything will go by in a blink of an eye so don't stress over the little things.  With everything prepped and planned for this moment, all there is left to do is to enjoy your day.  Remember, that if any detail doesn't go exactly as planned, nobody would know except for you!