Complete Occasions Guide for the HOL X Patrick Ta Collection

Complete Occasions Guide for the HOL X Patrick Ta Collection

Accessorize your eyes with lashes for every occasion! 

Choosing an appropriate style is just as important as deciding what outfit to wear. There are lashes that are more fitting for certain occasions than others and we are here to help guide you through them! 

She’s a Natural 

Best for… Beginners 

Our lightest and most natural style of this collection is a great lash for beginners. This lash looks the most like your natural lashes, so if you are worried about your falsies looking too noticeable, problem solved! 

The band is super thin making it extremely comfortable on your eyes - you will forget you even have them on! The band is also very flexible, which is great when you are trying to place the lash down and really get it to fit the shape and curves of your eyelid. 

It’s a Look 

Best for… Working professionals

Working professionals love this lash because it helps them feel more confident for zoom meetings, interviews, and virtual happy hour with coworkers! 

The lash is natural enough not to overpower your eyes, but adds a soft enhanced look bringing your confidence out! 

I Mean...

Best for… New moms who need a pick me up

New moms don’t have a lot of time, so if they do have a spare moment for themselves, they need something that makes them feel beautiful fast! 

I Mean is a great style that makes you look done up without needing a full face of makeup. It essentially does the work for you! So the next time you are having the in-laws over, a nice date night with hubs, or just want to feel extra pretty, give it a try! 

It’s an After Party 

Best for… Glamazons 

This lash is extra and demands the attention of the room! The length of the lash makes a bold, beautiful statement. 

Makeup enthusiasts love this style for its full, 3D volume it gives your look. Try this style for your next girls night out, filming a Youtube video for your makeup channel, or your next full glam moment! 

She Doesn’t Need Much 

Best for… Makeup artists 

Professional makeup artists love using these individual lashes on their clients! 

Everyone from brides, wedding guests, and models adore these individuals for the ability to customize them to your liking. The 3D effect gives your eyes a light, twinkly look. It’s also great as a dupe for lash extensions! 

Check out POOSH to learn all about pro application tips from the creator of these styles!