Eco Looks Good on You

Eco Looks Good on You

[BREAKING NEWS] We didn’t launch new lashes...but we did launch something that’s both eco-friendly and sustainable. 

Say hello to our Eco Not Ego natural jute tote bags! A large tote with a friendly reminder to take care of the planet. 

House of Lashes has always been focused on having sustainable practices when it comes to how we develop, ship, package, and source our products. From Day 1, we have been 100% cruelty free and vegan - and are committed to upholding that promise. 

This bag represents our love for the planet and our community while seeking ways to improve our lifestyle. 

Here are some fun places to take your Eco Not Ego tote bag:  

  1. The Farmers Market

    The perfect bag for your weekend strolls to the farmers market! Support local businesses and keep your fresh produce & flowers safely tucked away.
  2. The Beach

    Sun and fun at the beach! Carry your towel, sunscreen, and snacks conveniently in your tote while soaking up some of that much-needed Vitamin D!
  3. A Picnic

    Our new favorite activity includes picnics accompanied by lavish charcuterie spreads. Easily transport all your necessities to and from the gathering. 
  4. Thrift Shopping 

    Donate items you no longer need while searching for new gems! Buying second hand is by far the most sustainable choice you can make. Carry all your new finds in this handy tote. 
  5. Yoga Class 

    Staying active helps to reduce stress & anxiety and it fuels your body with the extra love it deserves. Our tote bag can carry your yoga mat and everything else you will need for class! Enjoy your much needed you time. 

So we want to know...where will you take your Eco Not Ego tote bag?!