Emmy: Feeling Beautiful with Alopecia

Emmy: Feeling Beautiful with Alopecia

House of Lashes had the pleasure of filming a fun cut-crease makeup tutorial at our studio with influencer Emmy, also known as @emmycombss on instagram and tik tok…. Her following on tik tok is in the millions, yeah NO BIG DEAL! !

She is spunky, confident and exudes positive energy at all times.

Within minutes of meeting her, our team felt as if we had known her our entire lives. Her warmth was contagious and the whole office quickly fell in love with her. 

While setting up her makeup for filming, she shared interesting facts about her life and how she learned to embrace alopecia…. 

Alopecia Universalis 

Emmy was diagnosed with alopecia universalis at the age of 2.

Alopecia is an autoimmune skin disease where your own body’s immune system attacks your healthy hair follicles.

This type of alopecia results in complete loss of hair everywhere on the body.

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Emmy is completely hairless from head to toe. She reminded us that our hair is more than a superficial asset, it serves to protect our body. 

Getting Sick...

Alopecia universalis means no hair externally and no hair internally as well.

Emmy explained that she is very susceptible to getting sick since she has no nostril hairs.

Nostril hairs are one of the body’s first lines of defense against harmful environmental germs, such as fungi and spores. Because she doesn’t have this layer of protection, she gets sick more often than the average person.

To prevent from getting ill, she constantly takes vitamin C supplements to keep her immune system strong.

During flu season, she is especially cautious and wears a medical mask around those who are sick.

Because her immune system is already compromised, her recovery time also takes longer than the average person.

She is mindful to include foods packed with vitamins and nutritional value into her daily diet.

Acaii bowls are the perfect sweet treat that she can indulge in without the guilt. It's packed with powerful plant compounds that act as antioxidants that have benefits on your overall health. 

Working Out 

Being active and hitting the gym is something Emmy never misses out on. But, one thing she always has to remember to wear while working out is a hat or sweat band.

Eyebrows and eyelashes act as a shield to prevent debris from entering the eyes. Since she doesn’t have either of these protectors, it’s important for her to wear the proper equipment to absorb the sweat, and prevent it from rolling into her eyes.

Salt in the sweat can be irritating, so she has to remember to plan her workout outfit ahead of time.   

As Emmy shared her story with us, she never lost her spunk and dazzling smile.

She made it clear that she does not suffer from alopecia, she simply has it.

She is not sick, nor does she feel ill, but is fully capable of doing everything a “normal” person can do.

Alopecia has allowed her to have a unique perspective on life and to follow a path that is all her own.

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