Lash Secrets revealed with Celebrity MUA, Nova Kaplan

Lash Secrets revealed with Celebrity MUA, Nova Kaplan

The Wispy look is SO in right now. Our friend and celebrity MUA, Nova Kaplan, is sharing her professional expertise on how to achieve this flawless look. 

Using #Wispy Mini and our Flawless Precision tools, she’ll help elevate your lash skills to pro status! 

Let’s get started… 

Step 1

Use the FLAWLESS PRECISION SCISSOR to cut the lash in half.

Step 2 

Curl the cut piece of lash with our LASH AID LASH CURLER. 

Step 3

Apply the CLEAR LASH GLUE onto the lash band. 

Step 4

Apply the lashes using the FLAWLESS PRECISION TWEEZERS. 

Step 5 

Apply mascara and comb through with the FLAWLESS PRECISION LASH COMB to remove any excess clumps. 

Step 6

Finally, use the FLAWLESS PRECISION APPLICATOR to fuse the strip with your natural lashes. 

ALL DONE! You’ve now mastered how to get the wispy look in 6 easy steps! 

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