Get To Know @_divamaker

Get To Know @_divamaker

House of Lashes made its big debut during a time when platforms like Facebook and Instagram were just starting to gain mass appeal. As a result, our presence on Instagram really allowed us the opportunity to connect with millions of people all across the world. 

When we started our lash journey 8 years ago the term “influencer” was still very new to the world... but since then, we think it's safe to say that influencers rule the world! 

We are so thankful for the influencers who have been riding this wave with us since day 1. 

Whether it be a makeup tutorial, a tag, or a mention, we have been so very blessed with love and support from Lorena Sanchez also known as @_divamaker over the years. 

Lorena has 18 years of artistry experience, is a makeup instructor, freelance artist, wife, mom and dog lover. She is currently staying busy with freelance work and homeschooling her 2 kids. She was also part of our FIRST EVER lash application booth at Create & Cultivate LA in 2020! 

Lorena is beautiful both inside & out, kind, knowledgeable and so talented in her art. 

And it’s her support over the years that inspired us to reach out and ask her a few questions so together, we could uncover her story!

How were you first introduced to HOL? 

"I started following House of Lashes on Instagram 7 years ago. I immediately became a huge fan of HOL and would order boxes of Noir Fairy & Iconic lashes and they became part of my everyday glam for work. 

Years later I had the privilege to meet Jenn (CEO of HOL) and the HOL team! Jenn and the entire team were all so sweet and so humble!"

What is your daily makeup routine? 

"I like to keep my makeup routine simple - soft brows, glowy skin, blush, and soft lip color. I use my HOL lash curler to curl my lashes, apply one coat of mascara, and use lashes from the Lite collection. 

When aiming for a soft glam look with full lashes I always reach for Boudoir Lite lashes."

What are your favorite lash styles? 

"HOL are my go-to lashes for myself and my brides/clients. Some of my personal favorites are Iconic Lite, Natalia Lite, and Allura Lite. I love the durability of House of Lashes, plus the fact that they can be reused at least 15 times. They're well-made and comfortable to wear. 

I also love the variety of styles offered for different eye shapes. Another staple in my kit is the HOL lash adhesive. It’s waterproof and latex-free." 

See some of her gorgeous work here.

What lashes do you typically find yourself recommending? 

"I absolutely love Iconic Lite lashes on brides. They are flattering for all eye shapes, glamorous and photograph beautifully. 

The mini-collection is great for anyone looking for a full lash look, while wearing eyeglasses. 

And HOL precious gem lash case is a must! I store my lashes in the Precious Gem Lash Case in Blushing Pearl. It holds up to 3 pairs of lashes on the top and the bottom layer holds lash adhesive and plenty of space for tools like tweezers and scissors!" 

_ _ _ 

We will leave you with a quote from DivaMaker that just goes to show how truly humble she is...

“I’m humbled that people find my artistry interesting/ inspiring and want to follow and interact with me. I share looks that I'm proud of in hopes that they might help others learn or inspire them in any way.”  - DivaMaker 

DivaMaker, you truly are one-of-a-kind and we love your authenticity! Thank you for supporting us all these years and for inspiring us with your beautiful makeup looks.