Get to Know our FAVE Wedding Photographer

Get to Know our FAVE Wedding Photographer

Do you ever wish you can go back in time and relive a moment? One that made your heart flutter because life felt like a fairytale? The beautiful thing about photography is that it allows you to do exactly that. We can look back at pictures and replay those memories over and over again. Photography is truly a gift that has the power to keep the greatest times in our life documented so we can always reminisce and remember exactly how we felt in those “pinch me” moments. 

We had the opportunity to sit down with wedding photographer extraordinaire, Zean Dejos of  @zean_coyprint, for an interview to get a better understanding of his perspective behind the lens. Keep reading for some click worthy advice! 


Q: How long have you been a photographer and what got you started in the bridal industry? 

Z: I've been in the industry for 12+ years now as a photographer/videographer here in Southern California!



Q: What’s your best advice for camera shy brides and couples 

Z: Don't be afraid to show off your silly/weird side!  You'll lose your authenticity when you pull back.  Feel like crying? Cry.  Feel like laughing loudly even if you don't like your laugh?  Do it anyway.  Authenticity is what creates memorable photos. 

Q: Do you recommend practicing in front of the mirror? 

Z: Grab your partner, go chase a sunset and take selfies together.  Make it a date activity.


Q: What is the best time of the day for pictures? 

Z: Whatever time you feel the MOST confident . Except the mornings. Nobody looks good in the mornings. 

Q: What are your top 3 locations for an engagement shoot and why? 

Z: It ultimately depends on you, your partner, and your personalities.  It wouldn't make sense to place a shy quirky couple in the middle of a busy downtown Los Angeles street.  If you like fun, colorful, interactive with food nearby?  Try a pier, or a county fair.  Are you more romantic and sentimental?  Check out the coves, a field of greens, or any rolling hills.  Edgy, more serious and artsy?  Check out downtown and/or any arts districts!


Q: What are some things you recommend skipping on your wedding day? What do you recommend adding? 

Z:  Include your family/ethnic traditions!  I promise you it will be so worth it.  Set aside time to take photos with your grandparents.

As far as things to should either get rid of DJ-led games during your reception, or at least minimize it to 1-2 games.  Also, get rid of the garter retrieval moment.  It's as cringe to us photographers as it is to you and your parents (trust me, I look at the parents every time this happens!) Just wrap the garter around something you can throw, or just throw your boutonniere and get on with the dancing!