House of Lashes - Now Available at Target

House of Lashes - Now Available at Target

One of our favorite things to do is browse the beauty aisles at Target and leave with everything that was not on our shopping list. But there is one thing you just might need...our lashes!

You can now grab your favorite pair of HOL lashes at your local Target!

We have officially launched in more than 900 Target stores nationwide where you will be able to choose from 12 of House of Lashes’ most popular styles and two of its award-winning lash adhesives.

Where better for us to reach the ‘everyday consumer’ than where they shop?

We are so excited about this partnership and look forward to introducing a diverse range of products to Target customers. We want to show the Target customer that lashes are not intimidating or time consuming and that we offer lashes to fit a wide range of eye shapes. 

From our mini collection, perfect for small eyes and glass wearers, to our premium collection, ideal for people who prefer glam looks, HOL was created to inspire and empower us all to feel beautiful with lashes that not only compliment their diverse eye shapes, but their unique personalities.

We curated a selection of lashes from our most loved and flattering styles for the Target  customer, including our best-sellers ‘Iconic’ and ‘Iconic Lite’. You will also find our Lite, Premium and Mini collection in store as well. The variety of lash styles, reusability, and comfortability, will ensure that people of all ages, ethnicities and stages of life find their look, from natural to glamorous, and everything in between. 


White Lash Adhesive & Dark Lash Adhesive 

You can’t wear HOL lashes without that HOL glue! An Allure Best of Beauty 2018 winner, latex free, waterproof, dries clear, and will keep those lashes in place all day or all night long. 

Eye shapes


One of our best sellers, this lash is a favorite among celebrities and influencers. Its flared ends elongates the eyes, and gives you a feline appearance. 

Iconic Lite

A lighter take on Iconic, this lash looks flattering on most eye shapes, and is perfect for daytime events. 

Demure Lite

The ideal lash for soft glam looks and wedding season! Flared and fluffy, people will be wondering if they are real. 


This rounded dramatic style is great for evening events. Ideally for smaller eyes, these lashes will make your eyes appear bigger with most of its length being focused in the center.  

Allura Lite 

If Allura is a little too much for you, try the lite version, with the same eye opening effects!

Serene Lite

Calling all our natural girls! These lashes are natural, feathery, and light with a criss cross design. This rounded style is most flattering for downturned and monolid eyes. 

Ethereal Lite

These textured, multilayered, lashes are a look! Choppy pieces make it great for everyday wear and are ideal for almond and deep set eyes. 

Ethereal Mini

Just like Ethereal Lite, but mini! Our mini lashes have a shorter band and shorter lash length so you don’t have to trim them. Great for small eye shapes or if you wear glasses. 


We love recommending this lash for your big day, or a day you just want to look effortlessly gorgeous. Its rounded shape and dense middle bring the attention to the center of your eyes

Noir Fairy Lite

This is a fan favorite due to its triple layers and flared shape, ideal for deep set and prominent eyes. 

Wing it Mini

Make a statement with these dense, soft flare lashes. This lash will open and elongate smaller eyes and is perfect for eyeglass wearers. 

Pixie Mini

Prepare to have your eyes wide open! These round fluttery lashes are ideal for small and monolid eyes, and eyeglass wearers.

Just when you thought your happy place couldn’t get any better ;)