How To Pick Your FIRST Lash

How To Pick Your FIRST Lash

The Quick Start Guide to Choosing the Best False Lashes for Beginners 

Welcome lash newbies, we are so happy to have you! 

Making the decision to try false lashes is MAJOR and we are glad you chose HOL for this moment. Lashes are a makeup game-changer!  

Be prepared for compliments wherever you go, standing out in pictures, and beginning to feel naked when you are not wearing them. Honestly, your makeup world is about to be rocked. 

Where to Start 

Okay, you are probably asking yourself questions like, “Where do I even begin when trying to pick the right lash?” or “What are the best false lashes for beginners?” 

With so many options and different collections you might need some help navigating your way through them all. Not to worry, we are going to break it down for you and make it as fun and easy as possible. 

Start with Human Hair

Your first time wearing lashes can feel a bit uncomfortable since your eyes aren’t used to it. We recommend choosing from our Classic Collection. 

Our Classic Collection lashes are made from 100% sterilized human hair making them natural and soft to the touch. The band is clear and flexible so you will not even feel them on your lids. This is a big bonus for lash beginners. 

Go the Natural Route

When you are first trying lashes out, most people do not want a ton of attention to the change in their look and that’s exactly why this is a great first lash! A natural enhancement will have people looking your way and wondering what your new beauty secret is. I mean…that is all we really want right? 

Voluminous lashes means they are a full set of lashes with dimension and texture. Think about how you like your hair to look, full, thick, and voluminous! Natural volume lashes will blend in so well with your real lashes and will not look so obvious on your eyes. 

Find Your Shape

Go with a rounded style for your first time. Rounded styles open up the eye since the longer lashes are focused in the center. They are also an easier style to place on your eye!

Flared lashes tend to be longer because they are extending your eye shape outwards, creating a cat eye. Lash beginners might be able to see the long fibers from the corners of their eyes, ultimately becoming more of a distraction or more noticeable to them. 

Based on the criteria above, here are our recommendations: Au NaturaleMon Cheri, Wispy Mini, and Siren

Don’t Forget Your Glue!

After choosing lashes you will want to make sure you add some lash glue to your cart. Our white lash adhesive dries clear so you don’t have to worry about placement mistakes (phew). Once you become a lash applying pro then go ahead and try our dark adhesive. But until then…clear it is! 

Featured product: HOL Clear Lash Adhesive

Lashes are a whole new world of fun and we hope you explore and try out many different styles until you are obsessed with them just like the rest of the HOL fam! 

Products mentioned (but not featured): HOL Dark Lash Adhesive


**We recommend starting with the classic collection, first and then working your way up in this order: Lite, Mini, Noir Faux Mink, Premium, Luxe

This is the scale from the least dense to most dense lash collection, but of course always purchase what excites you the most when shopping! Rules are meant to be broken right? ;) ****

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