Introducing 2 New Lash Stories

Introducing 2 New Lash Stories

Our beloved Lash Stories are BACK and they’re better than ever! 

Lash storage is an essential part of keeping your falsies protected, organized and clean for all future wears. Having proper storage makes getting ready that much quicker and easier so you don’t have to rummage through your makeup kit looking for your favorite pair of lashes. 

Introducing 2 New Lash Stories

We are excited to launch 2 new versions of our Lash Stories! 

If you have been with HOL from the very beginning, you might remember the first version we debuted and will quickly notice the updated packaging. This change was made to symbolize & reflect our brand growth and showcase the journey we’ve been on in a fun & exciting new way. 

As a brand, our team is made up of unique individuals who are constantly evolving and transforming into the best versions of it makes perfect sense for our products to do the same and evolve with us!

Our new packaging features...

  • A slimmer, more compact design that reduces the amount of paper used.
  • An extra compartment to hold lash tools & jewelry - we love multi-use products!
  • A stylish, eco-chic design that makes it more suitable for traveling...and it frees up more space on your vanity! 

We created two different versions of the Lash Story to accompany you wherever life takes you, or where you want to take life!

Which Lash Story is right for you?

Read on to find out...

Meet the Lash Story Wanderlust
Only $10

When it comes to traveling, the Lash Story Wanderlust is the only lash luggage you’ll need! 

This one-of-a-kind case holds 5 pairs of lashes and has a compartment to store our Lash Aid Scissors & Tweezers, a full size HOL Lash Adhesive, and even jewelry!

Whether it's a quick escape, or to prepare for when we can travel the globe again, this Lash Story will ensure you are prepared for anything. 

Perfect for: 

  • Travel 
  • Lash Beginners & Intermediate Lash Wearers 
  • Gifting 

Meet the Lash Story Visionary
Only $14

Feel inspired with the Lash Story Visionary!

The Lash Story Visionary holds 10 pairs of lashes and features two special spots for a full-size House of Lashes Lash Adhesive & our Flawless Precision Lash Applicator.

This Lash Story is made to sit on your vanity and protect your lash collection so you can feel inspired to create any look you want! 

Perfect for: 

  • Storing Your Current Go-To Lashes
  • Makeup / Lash Enthusiasts & Pro MUAs
  • Gifting

We hope our new & improved Lash Stories help inspire and empower you to lash your life to the absolute fullest!  

We can’t wait to see where your lash story takes you. :)