Lash Extensions vs Strip Lashes

Lash Extensions vs Strip Lashes

It’s the question that many lash lovers find themselves pondering from time to time... 

Lash extensions or strip lashes?? 

There are pros and cons to both, but ultimately you have to weigh the options for yourself and see which one best fits your lifestyle. 

We interviewed a lash veteran on both strip and extensions to get her take on the two. Here’s what she had to say: 

HOL: Can you tell me a little bit about lash extensions? 

“Lash extensions are individual lashes made of mink or synthetic hairs that are glued onto your real lashes. They use a very strong glue so it can last on your lashes for weeks at a time.” 

HOL: Why did you decide to get them? 

“I was going on vacation and I didn’t want to worry about another step in my makeup routine while traveling. Lash extensions make you look like you have makeup on when you don’t so you can be out the door to explore the city faster! You can wake up and already feel put together.” 

HOL: How much do lash extensions cost? 

“They cost about $180 plus tip, the total came out to $200.” 

HOL: How long does it take to have them applied and what is maintenance like? 

“It takes an extremely long time to have them put on. It’s 3 hours with your eyes closed. The price of the fill depends on the week. The first week after your initial set is $60, second week is $90 and the third week is around $100. By the fourth week, so many lashes have fallen out already, it’s basically like you are starting new so you have to pay for the new set price of $180. 

HOL: Okay great, and can you tell me why you like strip lashes? 

“I like strip lashes because they are so much cheaper and you can collect all the styles you buy. All you have to do is clean them and you have a brand new pair for a while. Another reason that I like them is because you instantly know what style you are getting and it’s fun to change up your look whenever you feel like it.” 

HOL: Have you had any bad experiences with either? 

“With lash extensions, the glue was irritating my eye a little for a few days after I had them applied. Another downside is that you’re kinda stuck with them until they grow out or until you get them professionally removed. So if you don’t like the style or the density they gave you, you have to just wait it out unless you want to pay more.”

HOL: Can you customize your lash extensions to a specific shape and style? 

“You can ask for a winged or centered style and you can choose the density you want, but you can’t choose anything that elaborate like how a strip lash looks.”

HOL: How would you compare the care of strip lashes to the care of lash extensions? 

“With extensions you have to tend to them everyday. You have to comb through them with a spooly after you shower or get them wet so they lay the right way. With strip lashes you can wait until the third or fourth use before having to clean them.” 

HOL: If you could only have one, which one would you choose? 

“I would choose strip lashes because they are cheaper and you have more options with the style. Extensions can damage your natural lashes if you are constantly getting them done. Strip lashes are less of a commitment.”

As our interview uncovered, there are pros and cons to both strip lashes and lash extensions. In the world of lashes, there are no winners or losers. Everyone has their preference as to which one they prefer just like with most things in life. At the end of the day, it really just comes down to personal preference.

The main thing that we took away from our interview was that extensions are great if you are going on vacation. They would be perfect as a “once in a while treat” to yourself. Since the price is so high, most people don’t want to pay such high prices so frequently on a treatment. This makes strip lashes more practical for most people… but hey… to each their own! 

The important thing to remember is people can’t live without LASHES! They offer a quick, easy way to add a little extra to your everyday looks and are the final touch when helping us complete our favorite makeup looks. Regardless of the occasion, makeup look, or experience, you can always find a strip lash to match the moment!

So which do you prefer? Lash extensions or strip lashes?

We want to know!!