Lash Your Best with Deep Set Eyes

Lash Your Best with Deep Set Eyes

Deep Set eyes have a lot of character and unique features that make this eye shape truly one of a kind. 

Makeup and lash placement can be critical in enhancing your eyes to their fullest potential. All eye shapes have unique properties to take into consideration when dressing them, and when it’s YOUR eye shape, this knowledge becomes essential.

Keep reading and we’ll help those of you with deep set eyes feel empowered, so you can lash your best with deep set eyes! 

How to Know if You Have Deep Set Eyes 

Deep set eyes are larger and deeper set into the eye socket, creating the illusion of a more prominent brow bone. Your eyes might also appear more shadowed because of the positioning they have in the eye socket.

Some famous faces with deep set eyes include: Kim Kardashian, Sandra Bullock, Nicole Kidman, Kandee Johnson and Jessica Chastain. 

Still unsure as to whether or not you have deep set eyes?

Check out here Eye Shape Guide to find out before we move on…

Pros and Cons of Deep Set Eyes

The Pros

  1. Known for having a sultry and mysterious look. We say take full advantage of this trait and lean into the allure! 
  2. Deep Set eyes can pull off long lashes incredibly well. There is more distance and depth to your eyes and long lashes can help bring the attention to the forefront. 
  3. People dream of having a pronounced crease like this! You won’t need much contouring on your eyes. 

The Cons

  1. Your prominent brow bone may cast a dark shadow on your eyes. Concealer and a light shimmer shadow can help brighten the lid and inner corners of your eyes. 
  2. It takes more eyeshadow to be seen on your lid. Extend the color past your crease so it doesn’t get swallowed by your eye socket. 
  3. Deep set eyes tend to appear sunken in. Lashes and mascara can make all the difference. 

Lashes for Deep Set Eyes

Because the eyes sit further back in the socket, you want to make sure that lashes have enough volume to be seen, but not too much to where it touches your brows. A wispy or medium density lash will look best on the deep set eye shape.

These are a few of our favorite lashes for individuals with deep set eyes: 


Juliette has the length your eyes need to soar! 

Good Karma 

A natural flare and fluffy fullness is the perfect combination to combat the deep contours of your eyes. 


Wispy texture looks great for an everyday lash option. 

Discover more lash styles that look amazing on Deep Set Eyes HERE.

And enjoy accentuating your beautiful eye shape!