Meet our Wedding Planning Fairies

Meet our Wedding Planning Fairies

Beautiful weddings don’t just happen overnight…it takes patience, planning, and a whole lot of talent. Wedding planners are there from the beginning of your planning process to the final minutes of your wedding day, to say their jobs are essential is an understatement! Sugar Plum and Co is a full service agency that specializes in wedding curation perfection and their roster of ecstatic clients is all the proof we need. From stress, tears of joy and all the emotions in between- Sugar Plum will be there with you every step of the way. Find out how the Wedding Pros can help you prepare! 


Q: What is your favorite part about planning a wedding? 

S: The fact that every wedding is so different and that I get to be such a big part of the process and bring so much joy and happiness to my couples and their families on the day of the wedding.


Q: How do you help couples nail down a theme? 

S: By getting to the root of their true style. Instagram and Pinterest are great but sometimes it can confuse brides and mix up so many different styles etc.. We also have our couples fill out a design questionnaire and we go photo by photo and dissect each photo to really see what it is about that certain photo they like. After that meeting I create them a moodboard to ensure the theme is cohesive.



Q: What is something you recommend every bride have/do at their wedding? 

S: Something I recommend them doing is setting time aside for you and your spouse to have some alone time. The day can get hectic and it is easy to get pulled in multiple directions so having a few moments alone to take it all is really special. Something I recommend for them to have is good food and drinks and a lot of each. I feel like that is one of things guests talk about the most and remember the most.


Q: What wedding trends do you see taking off in the future? 

S: Color and fun. It has already started to creep in but I think we will continue to see more and more of it in the future.



Q: How do you help calm the wedding jitters? 

S: By ensuring and reminding our couples they have a great team of professional vendors behind them helping them every step of the way. Some assistance from champagne on the day of the wedding also helps.


Q: Any advice you would give brides before the big day?

S: Staying true to yourself and doing what you both want as a couple. It is really easy to get influenced by others during the planning process but if you stay true to yourself and your style and personality it will make planning so much more enjoyable. Also, taking in the day for all that it is. The wedding day goes by so fast and you should stop every once and a while to take it all and soak it all up.