Our Favorite Asian Founded Brands

Our Favorite Asian Founded Brands

Since the explosion of Asian skincare and makeup trends, the beauty world has forever been changed. In the wake of all the hardship the Asian community has recently experienced from the impacts of COVID - 19, we wanted to shed light on our favorite Asian founded and lead beauty brands to highlight the incredible contributions they have made to the industry. 

  1. Glow Recipe 

The branding, the merch, the products, Glow Recipe does it right! Their philosophy of playful yet effective skincare is right up our alley. You can count on the Plum Plump Hyaluronic Serum to give you plump juicy skin that isn’t left feeling sticky or greasy. 

Plum serum

  1. EM Cosmetics 

We are huge fans of Michelle Phan and her makeup line. Not only do these products promise an ethereal glow, but they glide on oh so buttery for a true skin like finish. 

  1. Soko Glam

Who better to turn to for skincare than Soko Glam? Their website is full of educational content to help you understand how to care for your skin in addition to offering effective and affordable products for every skin type. 




  1. Tower 28

Their milky high shine glosses are truly a favorite of ours along with their multi purpose luminous balms. Their products are also skin friendly and made with sensitive and acne prone skin in mind.Their vegan and cruelty free products help you to achieve an effortless look. 

lip gloss

  1. Krave Beauty 

This skincare brand has broken barriers and repairs them (skin barriers that is). From their famous Matcha cleanser that will purify and calm any skin type, to their innovative Great Barrier Relief moisturizer for those days you went too hard with the retinol and exfoliator, Krave Beauty will have your skin craving their products. 


matcha face wash