Reach your Bridal Hair Goals

Reach your Bridal Hair Goals

Perfectly tousled waves, a chic updo, or extravagant Hollywood curls…we all dream of what our wedding hair style will be. The hairstyle is the cherry on top of your bridal look so if you are a bride to be it’s a good idea to start thinking about it sooner than later. There’s endless options to choose from and a lot of it depends on your dress style as well (just something to keep in mind) but most importantly its about what makes you feel your most beautiful and comfortable. 

Get to know stylist, Rofyah of @thepinnedbeauty, as she brushes through some of the details of wedding day hair! 


Q: How long have you been doing bridal hair?

R: I’ve been doing bridal hair out of the salon for almost 11 years now. I did it in the salon before but wanted to do it exclusively as a luxury service by traveling and going to the bride.


Q: What is your thought process while matching hair to the wedding theme?

R: First of all, I require a trial for all brides. That lets me meet the bride and get a sense of her style. I also get a sense of her hair, texture and will give my input based on her INSPO pics. This helps a lot with my background in being a salon stylist for 7 years. I know all types and can refer styles that can be better suite or come up with a similar style to fit the bride’s wants. I love INSPO pics because it helps me understand what the bride wants or doesn’t want. We also look at the dress/style to determine what styles we can work with.



Q: What is your best-kept hair hack?

R: Healthy, clean hair is always the best for styling! Even though we use products to style and conceal, having healthy hair works best. I always recommend a hair trim no later than 6-8 weeks before the wedding. If the bride can, hold off on doing a trial preview after haircuts.


Q: What is the most requested look your brides want for their big day?

R: I have two mostly resisted looks that my clients want. One is a boho inspired half up-do that is popular among brides and bridesmaids and the second is a whimsical updo that is soft and romantic for the more traditional brides who wants their hair up.



Q: What hair trend do you foresee becoming more popular this year and next?

R: Styles are always recycled so in my many years, I see it comes round a few times. But this next wedding year, I see high updos making a come back and more soft waves rather than the glam waves that have been popular these past couple of years. The hairstyles are getting more soft and relaxed which is absolutely my look!


Q: Any advice you would give brides before the big day?

R: For bridal looks such as hair and makeup, I would advise them to look more like themselves,  just enhanced. I know that down the years, they would appreciate it more when they look back on their pictures, videos etc. But of course, enjoy the process and breathe it all in!