Spilling the Tea with Ta

Spilling the Tea with Ta

Patrick Ta's Best-Kept Lash Secrets

Buckle up because secrets are about to be revealed!! 

Celebrity makeup artist, Patrick Ta, is sharing all of his best tips and tricks on flawless lash application! 

Over the past 2 years, we have been working with Patrick to develop a line of natural lashes that are weightless, comfortable, and wearable for everyday life. After all, a great false lash doesn’t always have to be super dramatic to make a statement! 

Fast forward to present day - Now that the lashes have been created, we need some help applying them don’t we?? Well do we have a treat in store for you! 

Keep reading to discover Patrick’s best-kept lash tips that make it simple and easy to help you get started... 


Having the correct fit is sooo important. In clothes, in shoes, and OF COURSE, LASHES! Making sure the lash band is tailored to your eye shape can be the ‘make it or break it’ moment. 

The outer corner of the lash should never extend past the outer corner of your eye. This can quite literally pull your eyes down and make you appear tired. Simply cut off any excess lash in preparation for application! 

Use Mascara, FIRST 

Before you apply your false eyelashes of choice, coat your natural lashes with mascara. This will give the falsies a nice grip and shelf to hold onto. By coating your natural lashes first, you are also increasing the longevity of times you can rewear them! 

Mascara on falsies can build up over time causing them to become damaged by the product. To skip the heartbreak, Patrick recommends skipping mascara on your falsies!

Handy Tools 

To avoid breaking the lash fibers and unfortunate tears, simply use your hands! 

When you are handling the lashes out of the box, the gentleness of your hands will prevent the lashes from ripping. 

Let It Dry 

Let the glue dry for about a minute on the lash band before applying to your eyelid. The glue will become tacky during this wait time and makes applying it a “one take wonder” as Patrick likes to say. 

Note: Make sure to wait for the glue to become tacky, so it’s not slipping and sliding around your eye lid making a huge mess over the beautiful eyeshadow work you just created! 

Place and Wiggle 

When it’s time to apply your lashes, use the technique of ‘place and wiggle’. First, you place the lashes in the center of your eyelid. Second, start to wiggle the band down to get as close to your lash line as possible. 

Secure the inner and outer corners with tweezers. This area tends to get easily irritated if the fibers aren’t securely glued down, so it’s important to use smaller tools for the little details. 

Push Up 

Once your lashes are glued down, gently push them up to give a little lift. This will help open the eyes in case they were lying funny. 

For this tip, think of how you fluff your hair for extra volume...it’s the same concept for your lashes! 

Dip It 

Individual lashes can be scary and intimidating to lash newbies and lash veterans alike! There is definitely more concentration and patience involved with applying this kind of lash. 

To help the process, Patrick suggests applying a small amount of glue on the back of your hand and dipping the lashes in that way. This saves you time from having to constantly open the lash adhesive bottle. 

Work Your Way Out 

Another great individual tip he recommends is to start from the middle and work your way out. 

Place the first individual cluster in the middle of your lash line and then move your way out from there. This creates a symmetrical outline while building out your lash design. 

Do you feel like a pro yet?? 

Don’t forget that everything worth mastering takes time and practice! 

We hope Patrick’s tips and tricks help build your confidence when applying lashes on yourself and others! 

Have you seen the artist, Patrick in action? Watch his masterclass here as a helpful visual!