Virtual Prom Makeup Recommendations

Virtual Prom Makeup Recommendations

With many high school students missing out on their proms this year, virtual prom is the new norm

We know it’s not the same, but you can still celebrate the end of the school year by having a dance party in your room, dressing up, and putting on a face of makeup. 

Here at HOL, we see a ton of makeup looks daily. That’s why we spent some time gathering our top looks, so when your virtual date is extra close to your face, we promise you will look flawless through a lens. 

Prom Look #1 - Golden Girl 

We love this shimmery yellow moment! 

If you like to shy away from color, but still want to stand out, this is the way to go. The key here is to choose a gold toned yellow and then add a transparent shimmer on top to make the eyes gleam. 

The perfect lashes for this look is Wing it Mini to make your eyes mesmerizing. The longer lashes on the end will pull your eyes apart to give you the illusion of wide set eyes. 

Prom Look #2 - Fresh Faced 

For our natural girls, we love this monochromatic makeup look that looks like you, but better! The focus here is skin, lashes, and a glossy lip. 

Instead of caking on foundation, carefully place foundation just where you need it, and for pesky blemishes or discoloration, add concealer with a detailed brush to keep your skin looking like your own. Add warmth to your face with bronzer and a peach blush, and a swipe of nude lip gloss. 

And as for the lashes? Natalia Lite are the ones for you. These soft, feathery lashes will make everyone believe you were born with them. 

Prom Look #3 - Smoke Show 

You can’t go wrong with a smokey eye and sultry lashes! 

To avoid looking too overdone, keep the heaviest part of the shadow and liner on your eyelids. For the bottom lash line, create a thin shadow to add depth to your eyes, and to tie in the look. Use a bright concealer for your under eyes to make the look pop and to clean up any fallout! 

Since this is a heavier eye look, you can afford to use dramatic lashes. For a dense base and wispy ends, Noir Fairy Mini will create enchanting eyes that will last all night long. 

Prom Look #4 - Classic Red 

Red lips are fit for any occasion. Since your lips will be the main attraction with this look, keep the eyes soft but defined. 

Instead of lining your eyes with liner, opt for a dark brown or charcoal shadow and highlight those inner corners for a bright eyed look. 

As for your lashes, Pixie Mini will give you the impact you need without being overpowering. It is the perfect finishing touch for this timeless look! 

And there you have it! Those are our top 4 looks for a virtual prom you’ll never forget!

We hope these looks inspire you to celebrate your prom no matter where you are! 

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