Why We Love Strip Lashes


Why We Love Strip Lashes

Our passion, our mission, our vision… LASHES! 

House of Lashes is committed to providing you quality lashes at an affordable price while making you feel beautiful and confident. Every lash is specifically designed with you and your unique personality in mind. 

Lashes have changed our lives for the better and we want to share with you all the wonderful things they can offer. If you are new to the world of lashes, we are excited to educate you on this transformative product! If you are a lash connoisseur, we hope you can relate to the reasons we love false lashes as well! 

Once you wear strip lashes for the first time, it's hard to imagine life before them. No really - they are that good! Lashes truly are a game changer and an essential part of your makeup kit! Let us tell you why…. 


Any insecurities you have with your eyes can be fixed with lashes. Lashes have the power to enhance your eyes and make them more defined, opened and more elongated. Lashes are the finishing and final touch to your eyes whether you are wearing a little or a lot of makeup. 

For example, Monolid shaped eyes have no eyelid crease and makes the eyes appear smaller because you can’t see the eye socket. With the help of strip lashes, you can achieve thick lashes that create the illusion of larger, more pronounced eyes. False lashes create an outline for your eyes giving them your desired shape. 

Save Time 

Once you master the art of application, lashes will save you time on your makeup routine. Lashes can elevate your look without a lot of makeup! No need for much eyeshadow or coats and coats of mascara to look pulled together. One step with false lashes is all you need! 


Strip lashes can help tired eyes look more youthful and awake! You can tell a lot by looking into someone's eyes, so make sure yours are always vibrant and bright. 

Camera Ready 

Zoom calls, Facetime, selfies and can’t forget about the good ole Target checkout camera! Lashes will ensure you are always camera ready. Lashes make your eyes appear bolder and add great definition that the camera normally washes out. Get ready for your close up! 


When your beauty radiates from within, it’s a wonderful feeling. Wanting to match how you feel on the inside with how you look on the outside is only normal. Lashes have the ability to boost your confidence to new heights and make you feel unstoppable. It makes us feel like we are the best versions of ourselves when we have our falsies on! 

With these 5 reasons, it’s no surprise why we love wearing false eyelashes! We hope that wearing lashes makes you feel beautiful, confident and powerful. Thank you for choosing to lash your life with us. 


House of Lashes