Iconic® Perfect Pair Set

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House of Lashes Iconic® Perfect Pair set features our best selling Iconic® and Iconic® Lite false lashes along with a 4ml white lash adhesive. These lashes combine a dynamic V-formation effect with a criss-cross pattern with our Iconic lashes featuring more dense fibers and our lite's featuring a lightweight lash band and lighter fibers for a more everyday look and feel! Wear your Iconic® Lite lashes out for a day of running errands and throw on your Iconic's when you're hitting happy hour and evening events! It's never been easier to get your lash game strong.

Set Includes One of Each of the Following:

- Iconic®

- Iconic® Lite

- HOL® 4ml White Lash Adhesive

*Please note lashes and adhesive cannot be individually returned or exchanged. 

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