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  • Noir Fairy Mini®
    Noir Fairy Mini®
    Noir Fairy Mini®
    Noir Fairy Mini®
    Noir Fairy Mini®

    Noir Fairy Mini®

    #HOLMinis & #NoirFairyMiniLashes
    $12 USD Buy 3 of this style & get a discount
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    Product Description

    Product Description

    Our beloved Noir Fairy lashes have been miniaturized! Introducing the Noir Fairy Mini! One of our most popular lashes has been scaled down by shortening the lash band and lash length to create a more comfortable fit for those with smaller eyes or for those who want a more natural look and feel from our original Noir Fairy lashes. Our Noir Fairy Mini’s are structured like the originals, multi layered and dense to make your eyes the center of attention.



    This lash is hand made from 100% cruelty-free synthetic hair. Our lashes are created with the wearer in mind and have been designed to flatter almost every eye shape.

    Band Length: 29mm, Lash Height:14mm

    Light Light Light-Medium Medium Medium-Dense Dense Dense

    How to Use

    Our lashes can be applied with ease with a little training! Just like riding a bicycle, practice makes perfect. Watch our video for an indepth look into applying lashes or click below for step by step instructions on applying your lashes! 

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    Noir Fairy or Iconic?
    By NOIRFAIRYfortheNGUYEN on March 24, 2017

    I am SO glad HOL decided to make Noir Fair a part of their mini collection. I loved the original but I always had to trim it. Now, these are my favorite! The mini fit my eyes PERFECTLY. It looks natural on yet it gives your eyes that extra "umph" as well.

    I also have the Iconic Mini, but I use them on very special occasions (like a wedding) since they are more dramatic than the Noir Fairy Mini. I personally don't like wearing lashes where people can absolutely tell you're wearing thick lashes lol... unless it's a wedding or something so it's expected! but that's just me... I'm Asian as well haha XD

    Holy Grail
    By Mmm on March 8, 2017

    My favorite pair. Can't live without these lashes! They're perfect. The iconics were too dramatic for me. Tried these and they are amazing.

    Best lashes for hooded eyes!!!
    By Lash Addict on February 25, 2017

    Background: MUA, makeup lover, hooded eyelids

    I've accumulated hundreds of Lashes over the years & struggled to find the Perfect strip lash for hooded eyes for clients & myself. Look no further! These are EVERYTHING hoodies need: a small lash band width, a gradual lash length that's very modest, and fullness! I cannot express how difficult it has been to find a short, modestly long, FULL lash. FINALLY, the perfect lash. Thank you HOL <3

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