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Rose Glow Precious Gem Lash Set

Rose Glow Precious Gem Lash Kit

House of Lashes®

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Get the perfect HOLiday glow this winter with our exclusive Rose Glow Precious Gem Lash Kit. This kit is the perfect gift for any lash lover and includes two of our best selling lashes (Allura Lite & Temptress), a mini lash adhesive set, and our rose gold precious gem lash case. Perfectly packaged and ready to gift, you'll easily be envied as the number one gift giver this holiday season. 
*Please note items can not be exchanged or returned individually.
Kit includes one of the following:

- Allura Lite
- Temptress
- Mini Lash Adhesive Set
- Rose Quartz Precious Gem Lash Case

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