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Sephora has been one of our retail partners for many years and has been a huge part of the company's growth and journey. 

We are beyond thrilled to announce that our most popular lash style, Iconic, is now available at the retailer and in 3 different versions! 

Premium Iconic, Iconic Lite, and Iconic Mini are ready for purchase on sephora.com and will be available in store on 3/15. 

If you’ve never experienced the lash before, you can head to your local Sephora and see the style in person and see what the hype is all about! And if you are familiar with the style, you can pick it up whenever you are stocking up on other beauty favorites at Sephora. 

This style is so loved that we’ve designed 3 different variations of it, so there’s truly one for everyone. 

And to help you understand the differences between each style and help you decide which one is best for you, allow us to walk through each one! 


This is the original style that started it all. This version is the most glamorous and dramatic of the three and pairs best with formal events. 

Iconic Lite 

Our Lite Collection bands are designed with a thinner, more comfortable band. It’s easier to conceal the band and is great for lighter makeup days. 

Iconic Lite is still very glamorous, but not as dense as the original style. 

Iconic Mini 

Iconic Mini has a shorter band and the length of the fibers are also shorter than the premium and lite collection. 

We designed this lash for smaller eye shapes, so the style wouldn’t overpower the eye, which we all know can happen easily with dramatic lashes. 

It also works great as an accent lash if you place it more towards the outer thirds during application. 

Take a Trip with Us as We Look Back at Our Past

Our history with Sephora has helped shape and inspire our designs over the years. Each collection we have collaborated on has been such an unforgettable experience that we are so proud of. 

Here’s what we’ve collaborated on so far: 

Tinker Bell Collection 

We captured the beloved charm of the pixie Disney character with this one! 

This collection included an assortment of lashes, accessories and glue. 

Versailles Collection 

Beautifully themed after the romance & magic of Paris, this collection launched our first ever eyeshadow palettes, colored pencil and liquid liners. 

Multidimensional Prism Collection 

Inspired by the healing power and wonder of crystals, this line is intended to inspire you to live a full life of intention being your truest self while wearing these styles. 

This line easily became one of our most loved collections we’ve had so far. 

HOL x Sephora Collection 

As our relationship and collections grew, so did the demand for more styles! 

This collection launched with great excitement because it wasn’t limited to just a seasonal run, it is available all year long! 

If you’ve made it this far, THANK YOU for traveling down memory lane with us! 

Happy Shopping and remember that Iconic isn’t just a lash, it’s a lifestyle! 

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