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Does House of Lashes offer a Professional MUA Discount?

Yes, HOL is proud to offer qualified Professional Makeup Artists a 30% discount off their entire purchase.

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How do I apply false eyelashes?

Check out our Lash Guide section for step-by-step instructions on how to apply falsies like a pro.
How To Apply Top Lashes
How To Apply Bottom Lashes

What lash style will best suit my eye shape?

We created an Eyelash Fit Guide to better assist you in picking the best lash style for your eye shape.

What are the false eyelashes made of?

All products from House of Lashes are made of 100% Premium Human Hair. We use only the best quality hair which is always sanitized and sterilized. All of our premium lashes are made from cruelty-free synthetic fibers.

How many times can you reuse a pair of false eyelashes?

House of Lashes are individually handcrafted and made to last through multiple wears - 5 - 8 times on average, 8+ if well maintained. (TIP: Whenever you "undress" your eyes, remember to (1) gently remove the glue from your false lashes with makeup remover and (2) place them back in their tray to maintain their natural shape.)

What makes House of Lashes products different from other eyelash brands on the market?

• We offer high quality lashes that compliment ALL eye shapes.
• We only use the highest quality materials for our lashes.
• Our boxes are portable and fit in almost all cosmetic bags and purses.
• Our packaging is eco-friendly. Using less paper and plastic than other lash companies, House of Lashes is proud to be an environmentally conscious business that is always striving to become greener.
•We like to keep it Eco-chic. All packaging is 100% recyclable.

Does House of Lashes eyelash strips only come in one size?

House of Lashes eyelash strips come in one standard size as this allows you to custom trim them to fit your eyes.

Is eyelash adhesive included with my purchase?

Eyelash adhesive is NOT included in your purchase. However, we do sell eyelash adhesive separately.

How do I remove my falsies?

There are a couple of basic ways to remove your lashes, and tugging is NOT one of them! First, try removing one false eyelash by securely holding the lash at it’s base and, beginning at the outer corner, gently pull the lash towards the direction of your tear duct. Repeat this process with the other eye. Your false lashes should come off without much effort or discomfort. If you are having slight difficulty with your lash removal, simply dab a non-oil based makeup remover onto the lash adhesive along your lash line with a cotton swab. After the adhesive has fully softened, lift the outer corner of the lash band and gently pull the lash inwards towards your tear duct.

How do I care for my falsies?

House of Lashes products are made for multiple use, but to ensure the longevity of your lashes, make sure to have a regular maintenance routine for your lashes. Glue and old makeup can build up and make your lashes look worn out  and old, so follow these steps to provide the proper care your lashes deserve. After removing your lashes from your eyes, getting rid of the old glue is important. Hold the lash by the base, and pull the glue off gently using either your fingers or a pair of tweezers. The glue usually comes off in one try. If this is not the case, a few gentle pulls will do the trick. Keep your lashes safe by storing them in their original tray. By doing so, your lashes will look fabulous for re-wear.

Can I get my falsies wet?

House of Lashes are handmade out of 100% human hair or synthetic blend. With human hair, once it gets wet, it is hard for it to maintain its curl and shape. For our synthetic blend lashes, some may withstand water however we do NOT recommend our lashes being fully submersed. 

Can I apply mascara onto my false lashes?

Applying mascara to your false lashes is optional because no mascara helps you get more use out of your falsies. However, adding mascara gives you a more dramatic effect.

Will the false eyelashes harm my own lashes?

No. When false eyelashes are (1) applied correctly with the proper adhesive and (2) removed safely and gently, there is no harm done to your own lashes. In fact, lashes have shown to become healthier from wearing false eyelashes because it replaces the need to wear mascara or curl your eyelashes.

Should I use a tweezers or my fingers to apply the lashes?

Everyone has their own preference. It’s always best to use the method that gives you the most control. Use whatever tool allows you to get the lashes as close to the lash line as possible. It might even help to try a combination of both! Try using tweezers to put the lash in place then using your fingers to position the lash perfectly or vice versa.

How long does it take to receive my order?

Shipping Details & Charges: 

Please allow 2-4 business days (excluding holidays and weekends) 
for your items to process and an additional time frame of 5-10 business days for standard domestic shipments and 7-30 business days for international standard to arrive or longer. Once the package has left our store and received by the post office and a tracking number has been sent we are not liable for lost or damaged packages.  We are not responsible for delivery delays due to weather, mishandling 
by carrier, or undeliverable addresses.

What are your return and exchange policy?

Please see our refund policy for more details. We offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on all orders. If your order does not exceed your highest expectations, we will refund the amount for all unused, unopened merchandise from your order less shipping fees. Refund requests must be made within 30 days from the receipt of merchandise. If you wish to return your order, please Click Here to contact us or email us at with the subject line “ORDER RETURN” and indicate your Order # in the contents of the message.