Your Eye Shape

We want you to feel empowered, confident and beautiful when you wear House of Lashes. Once you determine your own eye shape, choosing lashes that best suit you will become a breeze!

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Your Eye Shape

There are six common eye shapes to consider
when determining what your eye shape is: monolid, prominent, almond, downturned, hooded, and deep set. See our examples and descriptions below to see what best resembles your eyes.


Almond eyes typically have an oval shape pointed in one or both corners. A visible crease on the eyelid and the iris touches both the top and bottom of your eyelid.


Hooded eyes feature a natural crease that makes your eyelids not as easily seen. If you have a hard time seeing your eyelid, then you most likely have hooded eyes.


Deep set eyes are larger and deeper set into the eye socket, creating the illusion of a more prominent brow bone.


Monolid eyes have no crease. The eye doesn’t sit as far back as other eye shapes, so the brow is less prominent.


Downturned eyes tend to point down in the outer corners of the eye. They typically have a more rounded shape on the bottom lid.


Prominent eyes give the look of projected lids. They sit more on the outside of the eye socket area.


Almond eyes are exactly that, shaped like almonds with either one or both sides having a slight point to them. Along with the overall shape, if you are still wondering if you have almond eyes, take a look directly in the mirror; if part of your iris is hidden then you in fact have almond shaped eyes.


Hooded eyes feature a natural crease that makes your eyelids not as easily seen. If you have a harder time seeing your eyelid than you most likely have hooded eyes.


Monolid eyes feature little to no crease and appear to have a flatter overall eyelid surface.


Prominent eyes feature a larger and more defined eye shape. A prominent eye tends to outshine other features of the face bringing attention to the eyes.