Our First Ever Collab is Coming to an End...

Emily Takeshita

Our First Ever Collab is Coming to an End...

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You are about to experience quite possibly one of the most heartbreaking feelings when a product you fall in love with becomes discontinued… Our Patrick Ta styles will only be available until the end of December 2021. 

...But, don’t worry we have a solution for you! 

We’ve made an easy guide of lash replacements that are similar to your beloved favorites. 

We know, we know, nothing can compare exactly to the original, but these come in a close second. 

Keep reading for our best lash dupes!

She’s a Natural 

A lash that everyone fell in love with for its effortless style. The fibers are so light and airy that they are often mistaken for your very own! 

That’s what we loved most about this style, too. You could wear it alone without much makeup to elevate your daily routine. 

This lash proved the notion of “less is more” to be true. 

For a similar look and feel we recommended trying: 

  • Love and Light  
  • Au Naturale  
  • Wispy Mini 

I Mean... 

This style leaves you speechless because of it’s flare, comfort and universally flattering design. 

A wing like this will beautifully uplift your eyes and elongate the shape bringing them more outwards giving you a sultry and romantic gaze.   

To achieve a striking resemblance of I Mean try: 

  • Blessings 
  • Iconic Lite 
  • Siren Flare

It’s a Look 

A head turning lash that’s fun and charming with a natural flare that adds a little wing. 

The wing is subtle enough not to overpower your overall makeup and look that you are trying to achieve. 

Get the look using these instead: 

  • Good Karma 
  • Demure Lite

It’s an AfterParty 

This lash and length will be dearly missed! This style is so unique in the formation and design, which made it an instant hit amongst many. 

Although the lash is dramatic, the strategic spacing helped take some of the density off of the overall volume.

These lashes do a great job at achieving maximum length and flutter: 

  • Limitless
  • Juliette
  • Opulent Noir

She Doesn’t Need Much 

Customization is key! Our individual lashes rose in popularity with this style and we loved hearing how easy they were to use. 

From beginners to advanced, pro MUAs, and everything in between, these little lashes helped create a customized lash design and emphasize the parts of your eyes and lashes you wanted most. 

Continue being your own lash designer with: 

  • Le Petit Single
  • Le Petit Triple 

Our HOLxPatrick Ta Collection will always hold a special place in our hearts and definitely eyes! 

Our lightest, most comfortable collection to date that world renowned makeup artist, Patrick Ta, helped design. We are sad the collection is coming to an end, but we hope these recommendations help make the separation a little easier. 

The last day to purchase lashes from our HOLx Patrick Ta Collection is December 31st, 2021, so get them while you can!! 


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