Lash Terms 101

Lash Terms 101

When you enter the world of lashes there are some key terms that are important to have in your back pocket. Here is a little cheat sheet so you can better understand false eyelash terminology! 

Flared Lashes

This is referring to the shape of the lash. A flared style will have longer length fibers on the outer corners and shorter ones on the inner corner. Flared lash styles will elongate your eyes and give them a cat eye effect. 

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Rounded Lashes 

Another term referring to the shape of the lash. This means the lash will have a consistent rounded shape throughout the style. Rounded styles make your eyes appear bigger and more awake. Round styles are ideal for those with smaller eyes to further enhance their shape! 

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Voluminous Lashes 

Volume describes the fullness of the lash. The various types of volume we offer are natural, soft glam, dramatic, or glamorous. Volume adds texture and dimension to your lashes and depending on the level of volume you choose, that will determine how full your lash style is. 

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When you combine two pairs of lashes into one, this is known as stacking. Stacking lashes means you are gluing one pair right on top of the other or adding individual lashes on top of a strip to customize them. Stacking lashes is a fun way to combine different lash styles to make one as unique and individual as you desire. Often times people will stack lashes when they are trying to blend two of their favorite lash styles to create one mega lash. 

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3D Lashes 

Lashes that have 3 layers built into the style are described as three dimensional or 3D. This will instantly tell you that the lash has extreme volume. Lashes that are three dimensional are designed to give your eyes more dimension, so the style won’t appear flat on your eyes. 3D lashes are more flattering on all eye shapes. 


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Faux Mink Lashes 

Faux mink lashes are designed to mimic the look and feel of real mink lashes. Although mink lashes are in high demand in the industry, we would never compromise our values of being cruelty free. To meet this demand, we created a line that mimics mink fibers while being 100% made from synthetic fibers. The fibers from our Noir Faux Mink Collection are soft and light on the eyes making them look like a better version of your own. Lashes that look good, that you can feel great about wearing. 

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Criss Cross

Criss cross is used to describe the direction that the fibers lay. Criss cross means the fibers have an X shape or X formation. The fibers lay on top of one another alternating the direction. This gives the lash an unstructured and fuller appearance when wearing them.  


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Clusters are little sections of lashes grouped together. A lash that has clusters in its design is our Siren Lash. Clusters allow you to see through the lash making your eyeshadow more visible. Depending on your eye shape, sometimes the lash can unfortunately cover your whole lid. Finding a lash with gaps in between or creating your own is ideal for that piecey look. 

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Dramatic Lashes 

Dramatic is the highest level of volume you can achieve with lashes. When you want the va va voom, and all eyes on you, dramatic is what you want to go with. 

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Natural Lashes

Natural is the lightest level of volume and the perfect day time lash! The lash fibers are the lightest and most subtle from our entire selection. Natural styles are designed to look like your own lashes, seamlessly blending in and adding a little bit of volume. 

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Glamorous Lashes

Glamorous refers to volume that is a step up from polished. Glamorous lashes will define your lashes and give you a striking look. Glamorous styles are great when you are attending weddings, date night, or any evening event. 

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Soft Glam Lashes 

Soft glam means volume that gives you a romantic look. These lashes are still structured, but not as full as Glamorous lashes (see above). Soft glam is all about enhancing your natural eyelash volume with a little boost. 

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Navigating your way through lash terms can get a little tangled… but we hope this guide was able to help you comb through some of the confusion!