You can't go wrong with this theme

You can't go wrong with this theme

Get ready for your wedding to go down in history, quite literally! If you’ve made it to this page, you either are having a modern themed wedding or are considering if this is the right match for you. Either way, we are so glad you are here and we are excited to show you around. 

Choosing your wedding theme is a deeply personal choice that only you and your partner will be able to make. A modern wedding screams classic no matter how you spin it and is a wonderful starting point for couples who have no idea what aesthetic they want. 


Modern weddings are a great starting place, because you essentially start with a black & white color palette and start building out from there. Or you can keep it as only using black and white…it’s guaranteed to make a bold statement in a magnificent way. The beauty of a modern wedding is in the simplicity of it all. Simple yet impactful wins every time. 

In our opinion, this theme will stand the test of time through every wild trend to come through the wedding industry. You’ll look at pictures from your special day and it will still be fitting for whatever year or decade you are in. 

Here are some Key Words that can be helpful to use during your planning process: 






Key Colors to be used throughout: 






Any lightbulbs go off?? If so, we hope you find comfort and validation knowing this theme is right for you. 

A Modern wedding is everlasting, just as your love story will be!