Everything You Need to Lash Like a Pro

Emily Takeshita

Everything You Need to Lash Like a Pro

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At House of Lashes, empowerment can be found at the center of our products, our beliefs and practices. We are proud to take part in the transformative process and the energy shift that occurs when you step into your confidence while wearing false eyelashes. It’s powerful stuff...

You know those moments when you accomplish the thing you didn’t think you’d be able to? 

Not only does that take empowerment from others, the feeling you get after you accomplish your goal is an empowering feeling that can be passed on to others, as well. 

Applying lashes is one of those tasks that seems out of reach at first...and then once you do it, you keep getting better at it. AND you’ll never forget how. It’s like learning how to ride a bike, but more glamorous. 

We are going to tell you everything you need to #LashLikeAPro so you can feel empowered on every step of your lash journey. By the end of this post, you’ll have the knowledge to apply lashes all on your own so you can go on being the empowered queen that you are! 

Sounds pretty amazing right? 

Let’s jump right in! 

The Tools of the Trade

Here’s what you’ll need to get started: 

Lash Essentials Set 

This set does it ALL and makes it easy. 

The Lash Essentials Set comes complete with... 

  • Lash Ruler
    • To measure your eye and trim your lash band of any excess length. Remember, most lashes will require a little trim before applying them to get the most accurate and flattering fit to your eye shape. Plus, it will make the inner corners more comfortable if you trim the harsh edges of the band. 
  • Flawless Precision Scissors 
    • Okay, now that you measured your lash band, it’s time to trim! Our Flawless Precision Scissors have stainless steel blades making the cut smooth and consistent so you don’t have to worry about a follow up cut. Just one and done. 
  • Mini Lash Adhesive 
    • Now it’s time to glue! Our award winning lash adhesive is here for the long haul. Waterproof, windproof, sweatproof, pretty much life proof. This is a key player in ensuring that your falsies stay on all day. 
  • Flawless Precision Applicator 
    • Let the fun part begin - application! Placing your lash on your eyelid using the Flawless Precision Applicator will help you get as close to your lash line as possible. This step requires precise detail and accuracy in your lash placement, so it's best to opt for an applicator over just using your fingers. 
    • *Pro Tip: Look downwards into a mirror for this part. By looking down, you are exposing the most lid space and making your lash line most visible to see. If you look straight into a mirror it’s common to place the lash too high causing you to start the whole process over. 

Our Lash Essentials Set has all the tools you need to apply like a pro... But now it’s time to select your lashes! 

Before you do, do you know your eye shape? 

If yes, perfect! Keep reading! 

If not, check out our Eye Shape Guide and we’ll meet you back in a sec... 

You can access our Eye Shape Guide here.

Now onto the Main Event...the LASHES

To properly lash like a pro, you’ll need some lash options! 

House of Lashes has over 40 styles to choose from... And we encourage you to explore ALL our different collections so you can get a feel for what you might like best. BUT to make it easy, we've included 2 styles for you. 

Lash Essentials Set includes: 

Demure Lite
Demure Lite is feathery light, has a criss-crossed design, and a natural flared shape... A versatile style that will become a staple in all of your everyday looks.

Au Naturale 
A timeless lash that goes with literally everything. With a natural flare to gently lift the outer corners of your eyes. It's on the lighter side to let your natural beauty shine through. 

Your journey to Lashing Like A Pro begins and ends with House of Lashes! 

Email us at info@houseoflashes.com if you have any questions or if there’s anything you need additional help with! 

House of Lashes

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