Introducing Our Most Innovative Collection to Date - The Secret Collection

Emily Takeshita

Introducing Our Most Innovative Collection to Date - The Secret Collection

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Introducing… The Secret Collection

A vegan, cruelty-free, and eco-conscious line made with you and our planet in mind.

At House of Lashes, empowerment can be found at the center of all our products, beliefs, and culture. The Secret Collection is our most innovative collection to date, and we hope it inspires you to believe in your power and own your confidence.

This is a revolutionary and unique assortment that embodies the growth and transformation our brand has taken over the last 9 years.

Thank you for being part of our lash journey and embracing this exciting new chapter with us!

Meet Our New Styles... 

Love and Light

Remember to shine love and light everywhere you go. 

Our Love and Light style will help you embody the natural essence of your authentic self & beam with confidence. A soft flare with the perfect amount of curl to wear comfortably morning til night. These ultra fine fibers will effortlessly blend with mascara or bare lashes. 

Embrace the divine realness that is you!

Good Karma

Your little reminder to lead with the same energy you wish to receive from others. 

Good Karma is an airy, natural lash that you can feel comfortable wearing daily. A delicate flare that's easy to apply because of its denser outer corners with soft subtle spikes.


Wishing you everything good that life has to offer! 

The style Blessings is welcomed for every occasion and looks great on all eye shapes. It's not a true flare or true round shape but more of a natural style to mimic your real lashes with an added boost of volume. 

Accept the goodness and bountiful blessings around you while wearing this lash!


Achieve all your goals in Limitless! 

This sultry style has a fluffy, dramatic flare, yet is still lightweight on your eyes. Textured volume combined with its defined shape gives you the extra confidence to take on whatever comes your way. 

Go above and beyond in this attention-grabbing style! 

Join us in celebrating and enjoy 15% off the collection! 

Use code: SECRET15

Peace, love, and lashes!


House of Lashes

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