Introducing the Lash and Dash Adhesive Eyeliner

Emily Takeshita

Introducing the Lash and Dash Adhesive Eyeliner

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With all of the tips and tricks we’ve shared, we gotta be honest...nothing compares to this. The simple, fast and easiest way to line and apply your lashes with just one tool... 

Introducing our newest product - the Lash and Dash Adhesive Eyeliner

We designed this liner with every level of lash wearer in mind, because whether you are a newbie or seasoned veteran of lashes and makeup, we all want things to be fast and easy! 

Our 2-in-1 adhesive eyeliner allows you to create a beautiful line to define your eyes, while doubling as an adhesive for your falsies. 

It’s hard not to be excited about multipurpose products that help us get out the door faster!! 

With no wait time for the liner to dry, this product is ideal when you are in a hurry and for touch-ups throughout the day. Apply as you would normal eyeliner and add your falsies directly on top for an 8 hour hold. 

Simple, fast and easy! 

Why This Product is a Must Have

  • Mess-Free 
    • There’s no such thing as applying too much! Apply a line to your lash line as thin or as bold as you like with our ultra precise, fine tip. You can even apply a coat to the lash band itself to ensure a super secure hold! 
  • No Wait Time 
    • Unlike our regular adhesive that requires some time for the glue to become tacky, with the Lash and Dash Adhesive Eyeliner you can apply your falsies instantly after drawing a line! 
  • A Purse Essential 
    • Although the formula is long-lasting, you just never know what life will throw at you... And for those cases, we’ve got you covered. The packaging is so sleek and lightweight, it’s a must have to always carry in your purse. 
  • 2-in-1 
    • Liner and glue all-in-one! It’s just one less product you have to apply and carry or pack with you wherever you go.

After trying this product, you’ll wonder how you ever lived before! 

AND Just in time for the holidays, the Lash and Dash Adhesive Eyeliner makes the perfect gift or stocking stuffer for you and your besties

We are so excited to share this new product and we hope you love it as much as we do. Our HOL family is our driving force and inspiration when it comes to designing the very best for you. 

Lash & Dash Adhesive Eyeliner Product Options

Our Eyeliner Adhesive is available in two different color options: Crystal Clear and Satin Black 

Choose the one that's best for you - or get them both so you can switch back and forth depending on your makeup look!

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