Which Collection is Right for YOU??


Which Collection is Right for YOU??

Shopping for lashes has never been easier! 

At House of Lashes, we have 8 different collections to fulfill everything you want and need in a lash. With collections that range from Classic, Premium, Lite, Noir Faux Mink, Luxe, Mini, Individual, and Bottom, you are bound to find something you like. 

Trust us, it’s easy to want them all! And depending on how often you wear false eyelashes, you just might want to have one or more from each of the collections as part of your lash stash for different occasions. 

But, for those of you that are still somewhat new to lashes, allow us to break each one of our collections down for you. This way you can be a (little) more focused when browsing our site for your next special occasion or recent makeup vision. 


Our Classic Collection is made with 100% sterilized, human hair for the ultimate natural look. This collection is a dream for lash beginners as the clear band is extremely comfortable to wear for hours on end. 

If you are looking for an everyday lash, the Classic Collection is for you! 


Our Premium Collection was designed for those seeking glamour! With dense volume and multi-layered designs, these lashes are your go-to’s for all of life’s special moments. Evening occasions complement our Premium Collection nicely due to the striking appeal they tend to create. 

Best for: Date night, evening events, and always camera ready


Sometimes you want to wear lashes, but you don’t want the lashes to be the only thing people notice. Enter the Lite Collection!

Our Lite Collection was created with some of our fan favorites from the Premium Collection, but redesigned with a thinner lash band and less dense lash fibers. This makes our Lite Collection styles the perfect day-time lash. 

When you just need a little extra pop to your look these Lite lashes are the answer. 

Best for: Brides, work meetings, or interviews 

Noir Faux Mink 

Our Noir Faux Mink Collection was designed around the time that eyelash extensions started getting popular. These styles were created with extremely soft fibers and a thin band to mimic your lashes...but better. These can be worn day or night and will look stunning either way. 

Best for: Wedding guests, brunch, first dates 


Our Luxe Collection was designed for those who crave the finer things in life! These lashes are 3D, holding the most dimension of any of our lashes. They provide a luxurious, glamorous touch to your makeup looks with little to no effort on your part. 

These lashes are best for girls night, wedding guests, or if you just want to feel like a movie star! 


Our Mini collection was designed for those who are constantly trimming the lash band. These lashes are shorter in lash length and width making them ideal for smaller eyes or those that wear glasses! 

These lashes are great if you want a more subtle lash look or just to add a little pop. Plus, if you already have very full lashes, the Mini Collection lash styles are great as an accent lash! 

Best for: Day time or if you wear glasses! 


The Le Petit Individuals Collection are designed so you can customize any lash look. The individual lashes come in single, double, and triple density. Add them straight to your natural lashes or even add them on top of a full strip of lashes to create your own style! 

Best for: MUA’s or advanced lash wearers 


Our bottom lashes are designed to fill in your natural bottom lash line and give you the ultimate doll-eyed look. We offer two stunning bottom lash styles that could be worn for either everyday wear or costume looks. These styles will finish off your eyes, while helping them appear angelic. 

As you’ve probably experienced, sometimes mascara on the lower lash line can smudge throughout the day...which NO ONE wants. This is the perfect solution to get that full lash look without the mess! 

Doe eyes, here we come! 

- - - 

We hope these brief explanations of each one of our collections helps you discover the perfect lash match for any occasion. 

Lashes are a fun addition to your makeup looks that can accompany you in all of life’s special moments!