Get To Know @roseandben

Get To Know @roseandben

Daily tutorials, impeccable product knowledge, and always pushing her creative ideas to the limit! 

We are talking about makeup artist and educator, Rose. 

Rose, also known as @roseandben on IG, has been a loyal supporter of House of Lashes from the very beginning of her makeup journey that started 4 years ago. 

You can catch her on the gram, sharing daily tutorials with her followers and always finishing all of her gorgeous looks with our lash styles! 

Get to know the much-adored Rose and Ben and discover her journey with House of Lashes. 

Can you share a little about yourself, what you’re up to, and where beauty lovers might know you from? 

“Hey Guys! My name is Rose Siard and I have been contributing to the beauty community for about four years now. I am in love with all things makeup and love to share what I’ve learned with all my followers! 

Come hang out with me on Instagram while I do my daily tutorials. My handle is @roseandben!”

How were you first introduced to HOL?

“Through the gram of course! 

It seems like HOL has always been a part of my makeup life! I remember seeing the HOL Iconic lashes when I first started my page and immediately falling in love!”

How do you integrate HOL into your daily makeup routine?

“If you have ever seen my page, you know I do daily tutorials and love getting a little wild! HOL lashes help me achieve my perfect levels of spice!

I always start with my eyes to get a feel for where the look is going. I’ll put on primer, pick out a palette, and start to create. Once I know what direction I’m headed in, glam, classic, subtle, HOL lashes add the finishing touch!”

What are your favorite lashes and accessories? 

  1. HOLxPatrickTa - It’s a Look 
    - The wing it perfection for cat eye looks 
  2. Iconic Lite 
    - I use this lash when I am creating cut creases 
  3. Precious Bottom Lashes 
    - 60’s vibes all the way! 
  4. Spellbound 
    - My go-to for everyday looks 
  5. HOL Clear Lash Adhesive 
    - I incorporate rhinestones in many of my looks and also use it for my lashes. 
See some of her favorite looks she’s created over the years here

What has been your favorite memory while wearing HOL?

Since I wear HOL Lashes almost every day, it’s hard to select just one!  

Before I was a makeup educator, I toured the country as a singer / songwriter and shifted priorities once my makeup career took off. Last year, however, I took the stage again at a legendary venue in Houston and was wearing my HOL Iconic lashes! 

It felt great to be singing again and HOL was right there with me!”

_ _ _

We were shocked to learn that Rose was a singer before her makeup career took off! But more importantly, we were absolutely honored that she wore House of Lashes when she returned to the stage for a performance!

We will leave you with Rose’s answer to our final question...

Why do you choose HOL?

“If you are one of my insta friends you know that I have been an avid supporter of HOL since I started my career! I love the variety of styles that they have and that they are designed for all eye shapes!

HOL Iconic lashes had been my ride or die for years until the release of the HOLxPatrickTa - It’s a Look lashes. They are my absolute go to for almost any makeup look! The lash band is amazing, and it makes application a breeze! The fact that they are made with such care and of high-quality products allows me to reuse the lashes repeatedly with no visible signs of wear. 

No matter what my look, I always finish it off with a pair of HOL lashes!”

We love Rose and are so glad to have her part of our HOL family!

Don’t forget to check out more of her work here