The Latest Beauty Obsession: Hailey Bieber’s Hot Chocolate Trend

The Latest Beauty Obsession: Hailey Bieber’s Hot Chocolate Trend

In the beauty world, Hailey Bieber has become the trendsetter we never knew we needed. From her sweet strawberry makeup to the dainty blueberry milk manicure and the mouthwatering glazed donut nails, she has sparked something in the beauty world with her creative style. The latest addition to her look? A sophisticated milk chocolate brown manicure.

This rich brown shade is more than just a color—it's the epitome of cozy winter vibes. As we transition into the colder months, Hailey's choice of this warm and inviting shade has made others eager to try it. It looks like brown is the new "it" color for fall and winter, becoming the must-have shade of the season.

As we all know, TikTok has become the go-to platform for discovering the latest trends and finding inspiration. The hot chocolate manicure, in particular, has become very popular. Starting in November makeup enthusiasts have created a new version of this trend and started creating hot chocolate-inspired makeup looks. 


Wearing the Coffee Collection


Hot Chocolate Makeup Trend

Wearing Macchiato


Hot Chocolate Makeup

Our guide to achieving this cozy winter look:

Step 1: Start with your usual base makeup.

Step 2: Add your favorite bronzer to warm up your cheekbones and forehead

Step 3: Prep your eyelids with concealer or an eyeshadow primer. Sweep a light brown eyeshadow across your lid. Create depth by blending a darker brown eyeshadow into the outer corner of your eye. Using an angled brush, apply a matte dark brown eyeshadow along the lash line for a soft eyeliner effect. 

Step 4: Line your lips with a light brown lip liner. Top it off with a nude lipstick or lip gloss.

Step 5: Complete the look with a beautiful brown lash from our Coffee Collection.

Latte Lashes

Our first-ever multi-color fiber collection offers a unique blend of rich black, brown, and red wine tones that beautifully complement any eye shape. Each lash is made with a weightless invisible flex band for the most comfortable all-day wear.

Multi-Colored Brown Rounded False Eyelash - Americano


Shape: Round
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Multi-colored brown flared false eyelash - Latte


Shape: Flared
Volume: Soft Volume


Multi-colored brown round false eyelash - Mocha


Shape: Round
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Multi-colored brown double-layered flared false eyelash - Macchiato


Shape: Double-layered flare
Volume: Soft Volume