How To Clean Your Lashes

How To Clean Your Lashes

Keep your lash game ...SQUEAKY CLEAN! 

Did you know that you can re-wear your lashes up to 10+ times? Yep! You better believe it.

Keeping your lashes clean is not only beneficial for your eye sanitation, but can extend the life of your lashes for many wears to come. 

We are going to show you step by step how to clean your lashes so you get optimal wears from them! 

Here’s what you’ll need: 

-Makeup remover 

-Rubbing alcohol 

-Q tips 


-Spooly brush 

-Paper towels 


Okay let’s get started! 

  1. Pour makeup remover into a small bowl 
  2. Using your tweezers, remove the lashes from the tray and place them on a paper towel 
  3. Take a Q-tip and dip it into the makeup remover 
  4. Saturate the lash band with the makeup remover by gently running the q-tip back and forth across the band 
  5. Hold the lash with one hand while using your fingers on the opposite hand to gently remove the saturated glue. 
  6. It’s super important to hold the lash as close to the lash band as possible when following step 5. This will ensure that the lashes don’t tear in the process. 
  7. Next, saturate a new q-tip with rubbing alcohol 
  8. Hold the lashes with your pair of tweezers and rub the alcohol along the lash band to disinfect them 
  9. Coat the lash fibers with a thin layer of rubbing alcohol as well to really sterilize the whole lash. You just never know what germs are living there! 
  10. Brush out the lashes with a lash brush to keep the style in tip top shape 
  11. Keep your lashes safe and protected in our Precious Gem Lash Case  

And voila!!! 

Your lashes are clean, refreshed and looking better than ever! Keep your lash game strong and clean!