Welcome to Paradise

Welcome to Paradise

Welcome to paradise! If you’ve made it to this page, you either are having a tropical themed wedding or are considering if this is the right match for you. Either way, we are so glad you are here and we are excited to show you around. 


Choosing your wedding theme is a deeply personal choice that only you and your partner will be able to make. Of course, we are here to help, but ultimately it has to feel right to you and yours. 

Tropical wedding themes are becoming more and more popular for good reason. This theme is able to replicate a private island vacation for you and your guest list to enjoy and celebrate the start of the next chapter in your life. If a destination wedding to the Caribbean islands is not in the cards, this is your next best choice! No passports required for all your friends and family to dance the night away under the palms sipping mai tais…ideal scenario if you ask us! 


In our opinion, this is the one theme that doesn’t need much convincing if it's the right one for you and is the most specific to a couples interests. 

Here are some Key Words that can be helpful to use during your planning process: 






Key Colors to be used throughout: 






Anything ring a bell?? If so, we hope you feel validation knowing this theme is right for you. 

A totally tropical wedding will beautifully capture your vivacious and energetic love in an unforgettable way!