Darling Collection Custom 3-Pack

House of Lashes®

15% off Entire Custom 3-Pack

The cutest lashes you’ll ever wear! Inspired by Japanese Manga, Darling® Collection is an assortment of lightweight lash styles that add length, dimension, and volume to any eye shape. Made with delicately spiked fibers on an invisible band.

Build your own customized 3-pack! How it works:

1. Select any 3 lash styles from the Darling® Collection.
2. Add to cart to receive an automatic 15% discount on your custom 3-pack.

Lash styles to choose from: Emiko, Aiko, Mika, and Yumi.

These easy-to-apply lashes are made with 100% cruelty-free faux silk fibers to give you long-lasting and comfortable wear all day long. Each may be reused up to 10+ times.

Caution: Keep out of reach of children.