10 Beauty Trends to Watch in 2022

10 Beauty Trends to Watch in 2022

2021 was such a fun year in beauty! 

We saw trends resurge from the 2000’s, lipstick had a seat at the table again, and pretty much every look has a nostalgic meaning behind it. It led us down the memory lane of creative expression that was so desperately needed after 2020. 

Now as we enter 2022 (also, how?!?!), we are here to give you a trend forecast on makeup trends that are going to take over the industry!  

Trend #1 - Easy Beauty 

Long past are the days where we spend more than 20 minutes on our makeup in the morning. Everyone is in agreement that we need products that get us out the door faster. 

Multipurpose? Even better! 

People want ways to simplify their beauty routines as much as possible. 

Trend #2 - Colored Eyeliner 

We started seeing more color in 2021, but come the new year, it's going to be back in full force! 

Black eyeliner is so last year! Get ready for every color of the rainbow to replace your go-to staples. 

Trend #3 - Stickers, Face Gems, & Temporary Tattoos - Oh My! 

Accessorizing 2.0...One step further with self expression and creativity. And since it’s more noticeable than a pair of earrings, you are sure to make a statement. 

Trend #4 - Optimistic Beauty 

Lots of shine, color and embellishment! 

Our mood is already boosted just hearing this, what about you? 

Anything that adds sparkle, we are here for it. 

Trend #5 - Sustainability / Clean Beauty 

More than ever, brands want to make a difference in the world, and customers expect the same! 

In 2022 brands will be making a conscious effort to show up for the environment like they never have before. This means recyclable initiatives and less carbon emissions throughout the production process. 

Trend #6 - Bold, Bright and Graphic


According to psychologists, the pandemic has affected us in more ways than we are even aware of... 

One way many of us are coping with the effects is being fun and expressive without boundaries! 

There are no beauty rules or norms to follow anymore, it’s safe to say that anything goes. 

Trend #7 - Effortless Cool 

More than a look, it's a lifestyle! 

It’s an attitude shift of marching to the beat of your own drum and not caring what others think. 

Glitter on a Tuesday? You bet! 

Rock styles and trends that make you happy and you’ll always be cool. 

Trend #8 - Loud Colors 

Carrying the glitz from NYE into the new year and beyond! 

Ever notice how happy people are in that week of time between Christmas and New Years? 

Why can’t we carry that with us all the time?

Expect to see New Years Eve-esque looks all year round. 

Trend #9 - The Natural Look

Yes, we are going to see a whole lot of exciting makeup trends in the new year, but we will also see the natural look just as much. 

You have two options of going all out or very minimal, there is no in between. 

There is beauty in finding your confidence on both spectrums of the makeup scale.  

Trend #10 - Bridal Looks  

Due to the pandemic, many weddings were postponed and of course new engagements happened. It’s a big year for love and we are celebrating all year round! 

With engagement parties, wedding dress shopping, bridal showers, and everything in between, there will be many opportunities to practice your BIG DAY wedding makeup along on the journey to “I DO”. 

Get ready to see romantic, soft glam and elegant inspired looks. 

2022 is going to be a great year for expression, creativity and happiness in beauty! 

Wishing our HOL fam the best year they’ve ever had. 

With love and light, 
House of Lashes