2021 Lash Trends - It's All About the Eyes

2021 Lash Trends - It's All About the Eyes

We can’t believe that the final days of 2020 are upon us! It's safe to say that we are excited to close this very long chapter and welcome a brand new, sparkling year (fingers crossed!) 

We also have exciting news to share with you hot off the beauty press….Lashes are going to be a staple in your beauty routine! 

Our new normal consists of wearing a mask, which means all the focus is on the eyes. A lash lover's dream come true! 

We are breaking it down and letting you know exactly what to expect come the new year...and spoiler alert, it’s going to be gooood. 

Keep reading for your 2021 lash forecast! 


The longer, the better! Sky high length will be all the rage come the new year. 

Let’s hide those tired eyes 2020 gave us with length-defying styles that open up our eyes. Together, we will be bright-eyed for anything that comes our way! To get the look try , It's an AfterParty. 

Colored Lashes 

Now that we are all DIY experts having spent more time at home, let’s put our skills to the test! 

Colored lashes will be a fun way to incorporate some vibrancy into your look. If you usually stick to neutral tones this is a great way to experiment and push your creative boundaries. Coat your bottom lashes with a colored mascara or coat your falsies with it, too, for a more noticeable look. 

Cat Eyes 

Cat eyes are such a classic, but this year they will rise to popularity more than ever! 

The cat eye look elongates your eye shape giving them a sultry appearance. It draws the attention up and back giving the face more angles which is always welcomed. 

Hello...who doesn’t want to look snatched?? 

To get the look, try a flared lash style. The flared shape gives the illusion without having to perfect your skill of drawing the perfect winged eyeliner - popping on a lash does all the work for you, so you carry on being your fierce self. To get the look try our new #HOLxSephoraExclusive lash, Iris


Pastel Eyeshadow

The 2000s are making a major comeback and we are here for it! 

Brings back nostalgic memories of us learning to do our makeup and now cringing at every photo we see of that era. The good news is we can redo it with the skills and products we acquired over the years. Thank goodness! So bring on the baby blue shadow! 

White Eyeliner 

Think futuristic, avant garde meets 60’s makeup. We have seen white eyeliner become more popular in 2020 and it’s not going anywhere in 2021! 

It’s a fun and easy way to look way more dressed than you actually are. And what better way to express yourself than with a little art? 

Wear the trend with eyeliner as you would black liner, or get wild and draw designs on your eyelid. There are no rules here, so be yourself and go for it! 

Lash Extension Dupes 

We all want to have full, thick lashes that look as natural as our own. With many salons being closed or having limited hours of operation, lash extension lovers have been on the hunt for an alternative. 

Individual lashes will be a popular trend as people are trying to achieve that natural look for a cheaper price! The best part is you can customize your lash density to your liking. 

Add a lot or a little, it’s all up to you! 

Wispy Lashes 

Natural beauty is taking the stage this new year and we are embracing it to the fullest! The days of full glam are few and far between, so all that’s needed to look and feel our best is a wispy lash. 

A wispy lash looks the most natural and is wearable for many different parts of your day. From zoom meetings, virtual learning with the kids, running errands, you name it, a wispy lash is the perfect pick. We will see this trend a lot this year as many of us are still working from home and staying in more often. To get the look try our new #HOLxSephoraExclusive, 


Don’t miss out on the fun - we can’t wait to see these lash trends take over in 2021! With all of the attention on your eyes, it’s never been a better time to #LashLikeAPro !

Which trend are you most excited to try?