3 Ways to Support Our MUAs During COVID-19

3 Ways to Support Our MUAs During COVID-19

Let’s be honest, we all know that looking our best doesn’t come easy. 

Learning how to apply makeup is a skill that is acquired over many years with lots of patience and practice from an artist. On the biggest days of our lives we want to look and feel our best with the help of a trusted makeup artist. Having a makeup artist glam us up for a special occasion gives us a sense of security and confidence knowing they are working their hardest to make us look flawless! (bless them) 

The world has been rocked, to say the least, as a result of COVID-19. Every single industry is being affected in more ways than we know and the uncertainty of it all looms over our heads with the question of, “When will this end?” 

The beauty industry thrives on inspiration, innovation and collaboration. Collaborating is something especially important to the livelihood of makeup artist’s businesses. Meeting with clients, color matching their skin, and working in very close proximity are all parts of the job. 

One of Our Own 

Lucky Sin is an incredibly talented makeup artist that has worked on many campaigns over the years for House of Lashes. Her bubbly personality shines through in fun tutorials where she shows her best lash application techniques, makeup tricks, and overall beauty expertise. 

Many of our employees have had Lucky do their makeup outside of work events - that’s how much we love and trust her skill! Baby showers, weddings, or parties, we know Lucky has our back! 

Lucky works primarily in print and bridal, which is getting hit hard right now. Weddings are forced to postpone due to the current crisis and the CDC's recommendation of events larger than 50+ guests be cancelled/postponed.  With so much unknown floating around regarding COVID-19, it’s the safer thing to do, despite how heartbreaking and chaotic it must be for the couples getting married.  

How Can We Help Our Friend, the Makeup Artist?

1) Pay in Advance 

Brides who are financially able to pay their balance early would be helping their artist out more than they know. This is also comforting to the artist knowing they have a job waiting for them when this is all over. 

2) Write a Review 

Previous clients can take this time to write a short testimonial for their artist, which helps small businesses alike. Brides who are looking to get married in the future have a lot of time to research right now - so a great, positive review will help to seal the deal. 

3) Share on Social 

For those who aren't brides, they may support an artist by sharing their work on social media. A simple share goes such a long way and has the potential to reach those who may be in search of a makeup artist for a future event/photoshoot/production. 

Final Thoughts from Lucky 

“I’m striving to stay positive even though we're living in unprecedented times. I'm blessed to still be healthy, have a roof over my head, food on the table, and last but not least, honored to have clients to look forward to working with after all of this is clear.  Spending this time to really reflect on not just myself, personally, but as an artist and my business. Looking at this time as an opportunity to re-center, recharge, and ground myself.” 


Even in uncertain times, Lucky has such a warm and positive energy about her that we admire so much. We know this set-back will only make her stronger in the end! 

Be sure to follow Lucky on IG at @makeupbylucky for all things beauty and lash related! 

We love our MUAs and send our well wishes to everyone at this time.