The Latest Trend Taking Over IG

Fox eyes are all the rage right now in the beauty space and it's no secret why. The “foxy” makeup trend gives your eyes the illusion of being lifted, fierce and extra sultry. You can totally transform your eye shape to be upturned and almond with just makeup and lashes alone. Getting a snatched, supermodel look is always the vibe we want to achieve! 

We are currently obsessed with Roxette Arisa’s recent YouTube tutorial on the trend: 

She cut Iconic Lite in half and placed the outer corners in a tilted up direction. Placing the lashes in an uptilt position creates a sensual, elongated effect. 

A Winged-Style Lash Will Help You Create The Look

Here are some of our favorites: 


Helpful tips: 

-Wear your hair in a high pony to lift your eyes even more 

-Extend the liner of your inner tear duct down to add more fox appeal 

-Shape your eyebrows as straight as possible so your eyes steal the show 


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