It's Cool to Care

It's Cool to Care

It's Earth Week!

To help do our part, House of Lashes has partnered with as our freight forwarder to offset 100% of CO₂ emissions, meet environmental & corporate social responsibility goals, and dramatically increase supply chain sustainability.

The Flexport program allows us to view, reduce, and offset our carbon footprint when shipping from our factories to our warehouse for distribution to our customers. 

This means we are not not causing further harm to the planet. We are offsetting our carbon footprint by supporting the building of renewable energy farms such as wind turbine farms, etc. 

Some Fun facts on House of Lashes’ 2020 Carbon Impact

Total emissions offset: 186.399

What does emissions offset mean?? 

It means we are actively trying to reduce the amount of bad carbon that goes into the air.

186.399 TCO2e total offset is equal to:

  • Removing emissions from driving 462,529 miles in a car, the same as driving around the equator 19 times!!
  • Emissions absorbed by a 243-acre forest over a year, or 3,082 tree seedlings grown for 10 years. 

CO2 plays havoc with the Earth's climates by causing changes in weather patterns, so the less we have in the environment the better! 

We are 100% CRUELTY FREE 

We pride ourselves in being the original cruelty free false eyelash company.

Our lashes are handcrafted with only synthetic blended fibers and sterilized human hair. Absolutely ZERO, zilch, none of our products are created with or tested on animals.


We ethically source all of our materials and ensure they are obtained in a responsible and sustainable way. The individuals involved in making our products are safe & treated fairly and the environmental & social impacts are taken into consideration during the entire process.

We encourage everyone to do their part to support sustainability efforts in both their homes and the business they support.

Let's support the environment together and help make a difference in the world!