Join Us in Celebrating National Lash Day

Join Us in Celebrating National Lash Day

February 19th, 2022 is National Lash Day! And what’s even more special about this year’s celebration is that it also marks the 10th year anniversary of starting the company!! 

To celebrate this Iconic day in lash history, we are sharing 10 fun facts about the holiday and House of Lashes.

10 Fun Facts about National Lash Day and House of Lashes 

  1. House of Lashes founded National Lash Day in 2015. 
    1. Our CEO and founder picked the month of February because it symbolizes the month of self love and well being. 
  2. Noir Fairy was our first style to ever launch.
    1. This was the first multi-layered, 3-in-1 lash - customers and Influencers instantly fell in love with it. 
  3. We launched the first brush-on lash adhesive in the lash industry. 
    1. Our lash adhesive has been one of our best selling products ever since we launched 10 years ago. 
  4. In 2018, our lash adhesive was awarded with the beauty badge of honor winning Allure’s Best of Beauty in best beauty tools. 
  5. Morphe was the first retailer partner in which we were sold. 
  6. Lala Anderson was the first celebrity to ever wear House of Lashes. 
  7. Eva Longoria was the first celebrity on the cover of a magazine to wear House of Lashes. 
    1. The cover was for Cosmo Magazine! 
  8. Our first ever collaboration was with Disney. 
    1. We collaborated on a Tinkerbell themed collection with lashes, lash adhesive and a specialty case. 
  9. From day 1 of starting the company, we have always been cruelty free. 
  10. National Lash Day represents a dream to empower the world. To celebrate all eye shapes, to feel confident and beautiful no matter your gender, age, or race! 

As we have grown as a brand, YOU have grown with us. 

Whether you knew us from the very beginning, 5 years ago, or have been newly introduced to us, we are SO happy you found us and are even more happy that you are on this lash journey with us now. 

Thank you for celebrating this milestone moment with us! 

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