Lashes 101: What Does Lash Stacking Mean?

Lashes 101: What Does Lash Stacking Mean?

In the land of lashes there is a famous term called “stacking” or “stacking lashes”. 

Any idea what that means?? 

Well, similar to kids stacking blocks, us lash lovers stack lashes! Yep, one lash right on top of the other. 

You can quickly become a lash designer and style a completely new lash design & makeup look when you stack your lashes! 

Why Lash Enthusiasts Stack Their Lashes

1) More Drama 

Lash stacking is an easy way to add more drama to any look! 

Sometimes people will fall in love with a lash style and they can’t get enough of it… Lash stacking allows them to use the same style they know and love, but amplified to the next level! 

2) Customization

It’s time to put your designer hat on! With lash stacking, you have the freedom to create something one-of-a-kind that is unique to your specific lash needs. After all, mixing different lash shapes can make the most unexpectedly beautiful styles! 

Personally, we love the contrast that comes with customization. For example, mixing a wispy lash with a structured lash will give you volume AND definition, while creating a romantic look, making it the best of both worlds! 

Lash stacking means you know longer have to decide between your favorite styles... Now that’s a dream come true! 

Where To Start When Stacking Lashes

You really can’t go wrong when it comes to stacking lashes. You can stack strip lashes on top of each other or add individual lashes on top of a strip lash.

Remember, when it comes to stacking, you are the lash designer!

How to Stack Using Individual Lashes

What you’ll need:  


  1. Drop a bit of lash glue onto a clean surface 
  2. Use tweezers to dip the individual lash into the glue 
  3. Wait for glue to get tacky 
  4. Place the individual lash on your chosen lash band 
  5. ...And repeat! 

How to Stack Using Strip Lashes

What you’ll need: 

  • Any 2 pairs of lashes 
  • Scissors 
  • Lash glue 
  • A clean surface 


  1. Measure each lash band to your correct eye length (you want them both to match) 
  2. Use scissors to cut off any excess length 
  3. Apply lash adhesive to the 1st lash that will be placed on top 
  4. Wait for the glue to get tacky 
  5. Place the 1st lash on the 2nd lash band 
  6. Secure lashes by pressing them gently together with your fingers 
  7. Once the stacked lashes have dried, apply another layer of glue to the lashes 
  8. Wait for glue to get tacky 
  9. Apply lashes to your eyelid 
  10. ...And that’s it! 

Here are some recommended combinations to help get you started: 

Happy stacking!