Leaping Bunny Approved!

Leaping Bunny Approved!

Looking to upgrade your beauty routine?

One of the best ways to upgrade your beauty routine is by using cruelty free makeup products. Not only are cruelty free products better for animals, they are healthier for you, too. In fact, it’s proven that brands who are dedicated to being cruelty free also use safer ingredients than brands that test on animals. 

Here at House of Lashes, we craft our products with animals and our planet in mind. Being cruelty free is at the heart of our four core values, in addition to sustainability, being ethically sourced, and giving back to our community. 

Animals used in testing experiments are bred for a life of fear, pain, and suffering. Not only is animal testing ineffective, there are much better alternatives to ensure that products are safe for human use. 

Other methods of testing such as cultured cell tissues and computer models are even more accurate in testing the safety of products for humans. Sadly, however, because of its low cost, animal testing is generally more popular for companies to use. 


Another reason animal testing is widely used is because companies are constantly trying to discover new innovative ingredients to appeal to the masses. There is no reason to test on animals when there are already over 7,000 ingredients that are proven to be safe and beneficial for humans.  

It is also important to us that all our manufacturers and vendors are Leaping Bunny approved. That’s why here at House of Lashes, we create our products by using ingredients that were already proven to be safe from social audits. 

To ensure the effectiveness of our items, we test all our products on ourselves and test groups. We also only use synthetic fibers and human hair to create our lashes, and even refuse to use silk from silkworms!

Thank you for supporting cruelty free brands!